Uninstall Notepad++ – Remove Notepad Plus Plus

Do you want to uninstall Notepad++ (a.k.a, Notepad Plus Plus) and then reinstall an edition without potentially unwanted theme/plugin/upgrader?

Ok, from my personal experience with that lightweight replacement of Microsoft Windows Notepad program, you might disable some recommended options during the provided installation process – you can learn or review some related details as follow. Alternatively, if you are sure you wanna remove Notepad++ software you have installed, please read the following detailed instructions to uninstall with Windows uninstaller or the one by Don Ho; then it is kindly advised to download and install the minimalist package of Notepad++ instead.

Video Tutorial

The following video will show you how to fully get rid of Notepad++ using Windows standard uninstallation procedure and the manual removal option for related product traces.

NOTE To maximize your convenience, please download and run the smart uninstaller utility above to help you with manual deletion of associated program files and registry settings – this solution can ensure you a clean & safe uninstall of Notepad++ and then move to a different version of it.

How did you perform Notepad++ installation progress?

To use the source code editor program for your Windows system, you may have chosen the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose Install Location

  • Destination Folder: C:\Program Files\Notepad++
  • Space required: 14.7 MB

Step 2: Choose Components

  • Info: … Check the components you want to install and uncheck you don’t want to install.
  • Option 1: Select the type of install – Custom
  • Option 2: Or, select the optional components you wish to install:
    • Context Menu Entry (Explorer context menu for Notepad++: Open whatever you want in Notepad++ from Windows Explorer. )
    • Auto-completion Files (Install the API files you need for the Auto-completion feature. )
    • Plugins (You may need those plugins to extend the capacity of Notepad++. )
    • Localization (The eye-candy to change visual effects. Use Theme selector to switch among them. )
    • Themes
    • As default html viewer (Open the html file in Notepad++ while you choose <view source> from IE. )
    • Auto-Updater (Keep your Notepad++ update: Check this option to install an update module which searches Notepad++ update and install(s) it for you. )
    • User Manual (Here you can get all the secrets of Notepad++. )

Step 3: Choose Components (II)

  • Option 1: Don’t use %APPDATA%
  • Option 2: Allow plugins to be loaded from %APPDATA%\\Notepad++\\plugins.

NOTE #1: If you want to manually remove those potentially risky add-ons in Notepad++, you visit the mentioned install folder for those plugins then. Or you enter Notepad++ installation folder instead, then, try the following: open the plugins folder -> move the *.dll files to the disabled folder like NppConverter.dll, NppConverter.dll, NppFTP.dll, PluginManager.dll, or SpellChecker.dll. If you just could not complete this operation, please perform the following options: 1) run the Windows uninstaller to perform a clean removal of Notepad++; 2) use the following part of this article to uninstall Notepad++ from your current system. Afterwards, you download and install that minimalist version of it.

How to uninstall Notepad++ without data loss?

NOTE #2: It is a good idea that you would review or check the following items in your system after you complete the normal uninstall procedure:

  • Desktop, a shortcut file, named Notepad++.
  • In the following programs menu, there was another one:
  • You should have enabled the 3rd one in (All) Programs list:
  • In Program Files folder and more:
  • In Uninstall or change a program or Currently installed programs list:
  1. Log on to your machine using the administrator account.
  2. Save all your work and then close them.
  3. Use Windows Task Manager to make sure that you have accomplished Step 2 above – you may use WTM to force end the following Notepad++.exe that may still active in Processes.

Now, you can uninstall Notepad++ using the following directions

Solution 1

Summary: To uninstall Notepad++, you can use Windows Programs and Features / Add or Remove Programs Control Panel to automatically configure and remove data for your current Notepad++ program installation.

  1. Click Start menu, Settings (for Windows XP SP3) or Control Panel directly (for Windows 7 or Windows Vista).
  2. Then click on Uninstall a program or Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Scroll through the following similar list of Uninstall or change a program until you find the version of Notepad++ you chose to install. Then, you select it. For more details, read the following content:
    • Product version: 6.2.2
    • Support link: http://notepad-plus-plus[dot]org/
    • Help link: http://notepad-plus-pl…

  4. To automatically uninstall Notepad++, you then click on the Uninstall/Change entry for your version of Notepad++.
  5. Choose a language you installed for Notepad++ like the one, English by default, then you click OK on the following Installer Language box to continue uninstall Notepad++.
  6. Take the steps provided by the following Notepad++ v6.2.2 Uninstall: you just need to click the Uninstall button on it.
  7. “Please wait while Notepad++ v6.2.2 is being uninstalled.”.
  8. Click the Close button when you’re informed that “Uninstallation Complete. …”.
  9. Right-click on the current programs list, choose Refresh option on the menu to reload the list to make sure you’ve uninstalled Notepad++ following the steps above.
  10. Close all the windows, restart your system.
  11. Remove any leftover data associated with the uninstalled Notepad++ program, such as the following remained shortcut file on Desktop. Check the other items I’ve reviewed above.

NOTE Sometimes the express uninstall process above just cannot go that smooth, right? Then, the best Auto Uninstaller above will cleanly and effectively uninstall and uninstall Notepad++, even resolve some tougher uninstall issue(s) to ensure that none of those unnecessary traces are in your Windows operating system! Moreover, you can refer one more method described below…

Solution 2

NOTE Only Microsoft Windows Administrators can uninstall Notepad++ by using Don Ho’s uninstaller program. Then you may clean any needless fragment in Notepad++’s install folder.

  1. Enter the “Destination Folder” I told you above.
  2. Press the [U] key to help you find the following uninstall application. For more details about it, please read the following details:
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: uninstall
    • Size: 271 KB (278,402 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 272 KB (278,528 bytes)
    • SHA256: 0123ec48d0f0fb632aff2c5cf2287446d5f67624f8a7a7386f353c2bd36d3cc8
    • SHA1: f83aff579cf82b3939e0e2d8dc5622da9481404f
    • MD5: 3f680ae76a9841da52564158e144335f

  3. For Windows 7/Vista mates, as shown in following screen shot, you must choose the Yes option from the following corresponding User Account Control to continue uninstall Notepad++.
  4. You’ll see the same dialog window "Installer Language" displayed below.
  5. Follow those similar on-screen steps and then, restart your machine after the uninstallation is complete.

NOTE You just do not have to spend your valuable time for manually configuring your system files and registry values – this manual measure will also bring your PC undesired problems! What’s more, we would be very pleased to provide you with further information & support that may help you resolve any problem relating to Notepad++ uninstall and/or other PUPs removal!

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