Uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials – How to Remove

Are you aware that you kept hitting the following message “The action can’t be completed” when you tried to uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials on Win7 computer?

Well, let me guess: when you finished the download of Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) from Comodo, you may had directly unzipped that WinRAR ZIP archive file and then you ran CCE/ KillSwitch application to kill some unwanted process and/or even malware on your computer. At this point, you may want to manually delete the newly created Comodo Cleaning Essentials_2.5.242177.201_x32 file and then your Windows device sent you an “file in use” error, which just completely disabled your attempts to remove Comodo Cleaning Essentials in your system. To thoroughly get around the uninstall issue relating to the potentially running CCE.exe and/or KillSwitch.exe process, you first try the following steps:

Required Steps for You to Successfully get rid of Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Part 1: Overview of the ‘Install’ Procedure of CCE

  1. Open the downloaded the CCE for your 32 bit or 64-bit Windows, like the one below, Comodo Cleaning Essentials_2.5.242177.201_x32, then enter the file folder CCE in it.
  2. Remove Comodo Cleaning Essentials  -0

  3. Run the CCE application in it – for more information about it, please read the following content; then the following Compresses (zipped) Folders window would warn you that “… For the application to run properly, it is recommended that you first extract all files.”.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: Comodo Cleaning
    • Size: 5.40 MB (5,670,320 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 5.41 MB (5,672,960 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Yes
    • MD5: 4851bd8203587ffadbe90cb7eae3fc90

    Remove Comodo Cleaning Essentials -3

  4. Then another Comodo Cleaning Essentials_2.5.242177.201_x32 would have been created in the desktop. See more detailed information about the produced files in it.

Tip Download and run the Auto Uninstaller for Windows to perform an automated scan, and then you can entirely uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

Part 2: The following actions mainly guide you how to completely shut down COMODO’s malware remover and its recommended component.

  1. Firstly, you need to log on to your machine as an administrator.
  2. Secondly, you save and close your personal files and then, you need to turn off the current broadband connection.
  3. Click the Close button or the Exit button on the bottom right corner of Comodo Cleaning Essentials. Then you run Windows Task Manager to ensure that you’ve successfully stopped it.
  4. Moreover, to shut down COMODO KillSwitch, you follow the tips below: 1) Click the KillSwitch menu on the upper left corner of the user interface, launch the Exit option in the list; 2) you can click the Show hidden icons in Windows’ Taskbar, right-click on the black table in the menu, run Close KillSwitch. 3) Run WTM to check out the two steps above.

Note To save your time and to make you feel more comfortable, we highly recommend you click on the "Download Auto Uninstaller" button above to effectively scan your hard disk and then remove all potentially program traces of Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

How to Uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials Manually?

IMPORTANT You just cannot uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials from the listing of Windows’ Uninstall or change a program or Currently installed programs!

  1. To fully uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials, you then press the [Ctrl] key, locate the previously created Comodo Cleaning Essentials_2.5.242177.201_x32 (file folder), and the Comodo Cleaning Essentials_2.5.242177.201_x32 (the original Compresses (zipped) Folder).
  2. Right-click on the two highlighted items, you then run the Delete option on the menu.
  3. You then click the Yes button on the following Delete Multiple Items window, asking “Are you sure you want to remove these 2 items to the Recycle Bin?”. If you’re running a Windows XP computer, please refer to this step to uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials from your computer’s screen.
  4. Open Windows’ Recycle Bin program, ensuring you’ve correctly removed the two unwanted items, highlight them again, you then right-click on them, run Delete option and then, you choose the Yes option from the Delete Multiple Items dialog window, warning you that “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these 2 item?”.
  5. You then search your hard disk to remove any latent files/folders associated with Comodo Cleaning Essentials.
  6. Meanwhile, you press [Windows] key + [R] key to open Windows Run box, type [regedit] – for Windows 7 or Windows Vista end-users, you click the Yes button on UAC information box to proceed – Locate the Computer on the left pane of Registry Editor; then right-click on Computer, run Export to BACK UP your current registry database and then, you save the backup files on a Non-system drive.
  7. With some required Windows skills, you then might be able to remove those associated registry values from Windows Registry Editor. Read more instructions through the following YouTube video.

Additional Guide: If you worry about the system crashes, blue screen error and/or other provoking consequences relating to Windows system files, registry settings, you’re kindly recommended to use the smart uninstaller program above (CLICK HERE!) to troubleshoot the process of Comodo Cleaning Essentials uninstall. Furthermore, if you still have any other unknown/unexpected issue when you try to uninstall Comodo Cleaning Essentials yourself, please feel free to post your content here.

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