Uninstall/Remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013

22 October, 2013 Updated: If you’re too seeking tips on uninstalling Comodo Antivirus (Free 2013), then there is a way to do so. Read on and get your unwanted Comodo Antivirus uninstalled completely.


January 9, 2013 Updated: How to Uninstall Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013?

A very great tip to fasten up your currently using Windows operating system, or like my new Windows 8 Enterprise OS; okay then, I’m guessing some of you also wanna completely remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 on your PC; what’s more, you might as well cannot find it in Windows Control Panel while you tried to uninstall CA Advanced 2013 using the typical method, at this point, running the following smart removal tool for Windows will be your ideal solution to force remove your unwanted Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013.

A Quick Review of the Express Install of CA Advanced 2013

NOTE To totally get rid of Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013, you may need to go over the following steps, Step 1 ~ Step 4:

Step 1: Agree and Install & Customize Installer

  • Item: Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 with Geekbuddy and Dragon
  • Options:
    • I want to help COMODO by setting my home page and search engine provider to Yahoo!

remove Comodo Antivirus

Step 2: The default install of Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 will contain the following options (Total download size, 95.2 MB).

  • Install COMODO Antivirus Advanced 2013
  • Install COMODO GeekBuddy
  • Install COMODO Dragon Web Browser

remove Comodo Antivirus

Step 3: Configuration Options, which has been simplified.

Step 4: Files Locations – You can make use of this information to forcibly remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 from your system right now!

How can I safely remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 then?

Tip The following manual solution should walk you through the complete uninstall of Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013; and, if, you just do not like to take them, you use this uninstall tool instead.

  1. Logged to my computer as administrator, download another security suite or at least a firewall program like ZoneAlarm Free Firewall to replace Comodo AV software; then I disable my current internet connection.
  2. Click on the Show hidden icons in Taskbar, I find the following active Comodo Antivirus program; then I right-click on it, run Exit on the menu.
  3. Now I need to choose the Yes option from the following COMODO Antivirus window to exit it.
  4. Then I go to Windows Control Panel on its desktop, you guys there can first remove the COMODO Internet Security from program list – this way can also help you partially remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013: locate COMODO IS -> press the Uninstall/Change button on the list.
  5. Then I click the Next button on the following Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 Setup.
  6. Then I can automatically remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 via the provided Remove option on the said Setup below.
  7. Then I send my personal feedback and then, I can continue to easily remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 from my system by following the on-screen wizards. See the screen shots below. You just cannot do it? Run this uninstall tool to meet your need.
  8. You may then find Comodo Dragon, GeekBuddy and AntiError remained on your desktop. Now, please open Uninstall or change a program list again.
  9. To completely remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013, I then launch the Uninstall/Change option for Comodo’s browser program of Chrome-style in the programs list.
  10. Then I add the following "Remove user profile" option to COMODO Dragon Uninstall wizard. And then, I click Uninstall on it.
  11. Then I need to wait while Dragon is being uninstalled.
  12. Soon, COMODO Dragon Uninstall tells me that "Comodo Dragon 23.4 has been uninstalled". Then I click Finish on the window. Then I need to manually restart my Windows 8. Have unexpected problems? Download and run this perfect uninstaller on your Windows.
  13. Then I re-open Control Panel. To entirely remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013, I choose to remove the potentially unwanted GeekBuddy in my system: I first highlight it, then I launch Uninstall option for it, and then I click Yes on the following Programs and Features to proceed with the automatic removal for Comodo’s GeekBuddy.
  14. Then I need to wait seconds for Windows Installer to start my request; then I answer Yes to the following UAC by COMODO livePCsupport program.
  15. Then I stand by again. And then I reload the newly configured programs list to ensure that I’ve succesfully removed Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 suite. Cannot remove GeekBuddy? Try this force uninstall option.
  16. Well, to thoroughly remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013, I need to manually detect or say find, then remove any additional program remnants that may left in my filesystem and Registry Editor. Worry about system crashes or registry error? Please run this smart Windows uninstaller program.
  17. Oh, one more thing, you may need to revert your web tools to completely remove Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2013 – remove Yahoo! from Home page section in them.

Are you in an tight situation when you tried to completely remove Comodo Antivirus but failed in the end?

If so, now you can read the following manual uninstall solution for your potentially problematic version of Comodo Antivirus to restore your PC to its original or earlier state, even make your Windows run better. Furthermore, to readily resolve CAV’s uninstall issue and associated security issue you’re also concerned, the following smart uninstall utility would save you from the annoying hitch during the standard uninstalltion by Microsoft Windows.

Preparations for Comodo Antivirus 2012 (Suite) Uninstall

Review the following typical installation option you may have chosen – to simply remove Comodo Antivirus in the near future, you can disable some optional or potentially unwanted components by Comodo Group, Inc. Learn more details about the following Step 1 – 5.

Step 1: COMODO Antivirus Installer

  • COMODO Antivirus with Geekbuddy and Dragon
  • Options:
    • I want to enable added security while in the internet by changing my DNS Settings to COMODO SecureDNS servers

Step 2: Installation Options (More Details & Review)

  • Install COMODO Antivirus (32.1 MB)
  • Install COMODO GeekBuddy (6.98 MB)
  • Install COMODO Dragon (27.2 MB)

Step 3: Configuration Options

  • Enable Defense + (Recommended): …
  • Do NOT show alerts that request security decisions as much as possible: …

Step 4: Files Locations – Choose the installation path

NOTE By default, you can open the install directory for more info like the one above, “C:\Programs Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\“.

And now, take the following intuitive instructions to help you FULLY remove Comodo Antivirus if it brings havoc, e.a, you had been annoyed with issues with the current version of CAV program include low system performance, to your current operating system, or… just like the following Crash Dump by COMODO Internet Security Error Report, telling “Ooops! You have just found a bug in COMODO Internet Security. It needs to close. …:”

How can you remove Comodo Antivirus manually?

  1. Logged on your Windows computer via the administrative account on it, you save and exit your personal files, and then the running COMODO Antivirus – to shut it down properly, take the following actions:
    • Click the Show hidden icons in Taskbar.
    • Right-click on the red letter C on the menu, you then choose the Exit option for it.
    • To safely remove Comodo Antivirus, you then need to answer the Yes option for the following COMODO Antivirus, informing “Are you sure you want to close the application?”.
    • Run Windows Task Manager, you then check the Processes tab on it to make sure that you successfully shut down the running Comodo Antivirus 2012 – if you find the following cfp.exe still active in your system, repeat the steps above.

  2. Then you click on the Setting or the Control Panel directly. And then open the Uninstall a program in Programs portion; or the Add or Remove Programs if you have Comodo Antivirus 2012 installed on a XP computer.
  3. Check the following Uninstall or change a program list or the Currently installed program on your XP machine, you can see the Comodo Dragon, COMODO GeekBuddy and COMODO Internet Security had been installed in your system. Read more details about them as follow.
  4. To completely remove Comodo Antivirus on your computer, you launch the Uninstall/Change option for the COMODO Internet Security in the first place. You then hit the Next button on the following Comodo Antivirus Setup window, informing “… The Setup Wizard allows you to change the way COMODO Antivirus features are installed on your computer or to remove it from your computer. …”.
  5. To remove Comodo Antivirus 2012 by employing its express install option, you click the Remove entry when Comodo Antivirus Setup tells you that “Change, repair, or remove installation/ Select the operation you wish to perform.”.
  6. When you see the following smart promotion page by Comodo Antivirus Setup, you choose the “Yes, I want to get ir for free” option only when you want to re-install that CIS Pro 2012; otherwise, you choose the “No thanks” option on left pane to automatically remove Comodo Antivirus.
  7. You can briefly type the reasons why you wanna remove Comodo Antivirus in the following uninstall survey box, then you click the "Send Feedback & Uninstall" button to continue to remove Comodo Antivirus.
  8. You then choose the Remove option from the following Comodo Antivirus Setup.
  9. “Please wait while the Setup Wizard removes Comodo Antivirus”; then you click the OK button on Comodo Antivirus Setup. Follow the details below to complete the uninstall process.
  10. Then you need to stand by again, finally, you click the Finish button on Comodo Antivirus Setup.
  11. Click Yes button on Comodo Antivirus Setup to automatically reboot your Windows.
  12. To totally remove Comodo Antivirus, you may need to uninstall Comodo Dragon, an optional bundled web browser. Then you use the follows:

Quick steps how to uninstall the unused Comodo Dragon

  • Click Cancel button on the following livePCsupport Update Manager Setup.
  • Go to Windows’ programs list in Control Panel again.
  • Launch Uninstall/Change option for the potentially unwanted Web tool in the list.
  • Click the gray Uninstall button on right corner of the following COMODO Dragon Uninstall wizard; in addition, you check the “Remove user profile” option.
  • Wait seconds for COMODO Dragon Uninstall to automatically execute your requested operations.
  • Read and follow the info on the following COMODO Dragon Uninstall.
  • Again, to help Comodo Group, Inc. improve that security enhanced Web browser program, you can complete the following Software Removal Survey; or you might also close it directly and read the additional section below to completely remove Comodo Antivirus.
  • For more tips on how to entirely remove COMODO Dragon, please view the following YouTube video:

Now, you refer to the following didactic instructions to uninstall the COMODO GeekBuddy from your system.

  • Find it in the Uninstall or change a program list; or the Currently installed programs list.
  • Choose the Uninstall option (button) for (behind) it.
  • Click the Close button on the following COMODO GeekBuddy 3.3.217083.59 Uninstall window.

The final word: how to cleanly remove Comodo Antivirus or force uninstall it?

Ultimately, for experienced Windows fans only, you will be able to employ Windows Explorer to venture into all the disks including the file system on your computer, manually find and delete any remained or hidden program traces of Comodo Antivirus 2012, the previously uninstalled security suite product. But for more computer novices should definitely review or view the following video demon again at least before attempting to reform your current version of Windows operating system and its Registry Editor by hand. There is a more effective alternative (than the aforementioned manual option) to safely detect and remove those unnecessary remnants related with the uninstalled CAV 2012. Furthermore, you can ask for more help with other troublesome Windows problems in our IPS type forum.

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