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How do I uninstall Classic Shell for my Windows 8 the Right Way?

Using Windows Programs and Features, I’ve listed the typical & manual steps described in this how-to page on WindowsUninstaller.Org. To the details, you should use Task Manager to force terminate its running process in background; then you close all the opening Windows Explorer bar and then go to Uninstall or change a program list to launch Uninstall option to automatically remove Classic Shell on your computer. If you are just unable to uninstall your unwanted Classic Shell program, please download and run the following smart uninstaller software, then launch its force removal option for your Classic Shell program.

The Knowledge Required to Get rid of Classic Shell Completely and/or Forcibly

The following section will you through the express install of Classic Shell.

  • Step 1: Custom Setup
    • Info: Select the way you want features to be installed
    • Items: Class Shell (This feature requires 1509 KB on your hard drive. it has 4 of 4 subfeatures selected. The subfeatures require 5748KB on your hard drive.)
      • Class Explorer: Class Explorer adds a toolbar to Windows Explorer, replaces the copy UI and fixes some usability problems. This feature requires 748KB on your hard drive.
      • Class Start Menu: Class Start Menu is a highly customizable replacement for Windows start menu. This feature requires 4236KB on your hard drive.
      • Class IE9: Class IE9 lets you customize the title bar and the status bar of Internet Explorer 9. This feature requires 492KB on your hard drive.
      • Class Shell Update: Class Shell Update checks periodically for new versions. This feature requires 272KB on your hard drive.
    • Option: Create a start menu folder
    • Location: C:\Program Files\Classic Shell (TIP: DOWNLOAD this uninstall tool to force uninstall Classic Shell from your Windows 7/8 computer now!)

    uninstall Classic Shell - 0

  • Step 2: Please save or review the following ClassShellReadMe file to help you remove the Classic Shell better!
  • uninstall Classic Shell - 1

How do I uninstall Classic Shell?

The following detailed steps will effectively walk you through how to fully uninstall Classic Shell on your PC. If you just cannot follow the Classic Shell removal guide below, please download this uninstall tool to force and completely delete your unwanted Classic Shell in your system.

  1. Logged on to my Win8 machine as Administrator, then I save and close all the open windows, just like the Computer below.
  2. Now I double click on the Control Panel icon on my screen, then I open up the Uninstall a program in it.
  3. To automatically uninstall Classic Shell from my computer, I double-click on it in the following Uninstall or change a program.
    • Publisher: IvoSoft
    • Size: 7.05 MB
    • Product version: 3.6.5
    • Support link: http://classicshell.sourcefor…
    • Help link: http://sourceforge.net…

  4. Then Programs and Features below asks me that "Are you sure you want to uninstall Class Shell?"; I click Yes on it.
  5. Then I encounter the following Class Shell window, "The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running. If you choose to continue, a reboot will be required to complete the setup.". To successfully uninstall Classic Shell on my computer, I press the OK button on it.
  6. And then I have to choose the Yes option from the following User Account Control window to continue to remove my Classic Shell software.
    • Program name: C:\Windows\Installer\228b12.msi
    • Publisher: Unknown
    • Program location: Uninstall 3.6.5 IvoSoft…

    NOTE If you are not a system administrator, then the following Class Shell would disable your attempts to uninstall it, "You must be an Administrator to remove this application. To remove this application, you can log on as an Administrator, or contact your technical support group for assistance.". Need to perform a force uninstall of Classic Shell? Click here to download uninstaller PRO.

  7. Then my Windows system will automatically uninstall Classic Shell in few seconds, shown below.
  8. To cleanly remove the uninstalled Classic Shell program from my system, I manually reboot my machine; then open up the following Registry Editor, and then I manually delete Classic Shell entries in it. If you’re a newcomer to Microsoft Windows operating system, you can also save and run this perfect uninstall tool to thoroughly uninstall Classic Shell and other unwanted software on your machine.

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