How to Remove Betternet from My PC – Uninstall Guides


As a VPN for Windows OS, Betternet has distinctive features without ads and registration/credit cards. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and connects you to the fastest Server. It provides users with access to the entire blocked websites in their countries, at school or at work. The main vulnerability comes from its removal. It makes users wonder how they are supposed to do to successfully remove Betternet.

Every day as long as you’re connected to the Internet, temporary files, useless installation packages or outdated applications can be generated while you are not noticed. After your PC has been used for quite a long time, there must be dozens of junk files stored on your drives. So the cleaning job is needed. Actually you are advised to perform the job regularly as maintenance, so that your PC’s performance can be kept.

To day I want to introduce you different ways to remove Betternet through this article, and you can choose either to perform the steps on your PC. I believe the problems would be solved successfully.

What is Betternet – Program Overview

The core of Betternet is a multi-OS run-time with breakthrough virtualization technology. Apps designed for different operating systems can simultaneously, side-by-side execute on the same computer. Most of its users are using Windows 7 and Windows 8. Other specific information:

  • Publisher: Betternet
  • Most-used version: 3.6.0 (Taking over 81% of all current installation)
  • Size: 56 files, taking 12 MB (12,085,504 bytes)
  • Executable: betternetservice.exe
  • Official site:
  • Location: X:\Program Files\Betternet
  • Default uninstaller: MsiExec.exe /X{CD9D0827-A6D6-RE2C-B32E-23F01577E27B}

Possible Unwanted Consequences Due to Incorrect Deletion

  • Removal failure
  • Re-installation failure
  • Intractable registry entries (leftovers)
  • Screen freeze or system crash

Now you know where those errors come from. Next time facing such problems, don’t forget to seek help from us : )

I Want A Simpler Way to Remove Betternet and Other Stubborn Programs

Through the previous instruction, you have learned the program entries require manual deletion, or they won’t go away but stay there taking your hard drive space. To effectively remove Betternet, if all you need is but a time-saving path to finish all the steps, do it this way instead:

1. Press the green download button below to install Max Uninstaller.

2. Run it, you can see all the programs installed on your machine, select Betternet icon (Do the same to OpenVPN 2.3.6-I001 and TAP-Windows 9.9.2 later) and hit Run Analysis to start the removal. All of its files will be presented, you can check the list for their specific locations, or directly hit Complete Uninstall button


3. Then when the tool finishes the initial part, click on the Scan Leftovers button in the middle of your screen to clean out the remained registry entries. You can check the list for their specific locations, or directly hit Delete Leftovers button to completely remove Betternet.

How it works to Remove Betternet:

How Can I Manually Remove Betternet?

1. Shut down all the processes related to Betternet. Press and hold continuously on Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Task Manager. In the Process tab, select your target, and click on “End process”.

2. Open the Control Panel. Also remove the related programs. To make sure the removal is complete, don’t forget to choose to “Hide Icon Option”. How to do it:

Windows 7: Click on the “Start” button in the lower-left corner of your screen, select “Control Panel”.


Windows 8: Right-click on the “Start” button in the lower-left of your screen, select “Control Panel”.


3. Remove Betternet from the Control Panel. In the Control Panel menu, click on the link “Uninstall a program” in the Programs session. > The list of currently installed programs will be presented, find and double-click the Betternet (Do the same to OpenVPN 2.3.6-I001 and TAP-Windows 9.9.2 later) item to activate its default uninstall wizard.



4. Follow the wizard prompts to proceed with the removal. When this is over, don’t rush to reboot your computer. It hasn’t done yet.

5. Open the Windows Registry Editor.

Windows 7: Click on the “Start” button in the lower-left corner of your screen, type “regedit” in the search box, and press “Enter” on your keyboard.


Windows 8: Hover your mouse cursor in the lower-right of your screen, a charms bar will show. > Select “Search”, type “regedit” in the box, then press “Enter” on your keyboard.


6. Remove the entries/keys of Betternet from Windows Registry. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Betternet/, right-click on the folder and select “Delete” to completely remove Betternet. But DO NOT delete anything else.


7. Go to Services by opening the Task Manager or hitting Windows Key + R and entering “msconfig”. Select the Services tab, then find those associated with Betternet. Stop and Delete them.

8. Restart your computer to complete the cleaning job. Following all the above steps will make sure to remove Betternet from your system.

9. Check if the following data have been removed:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Betternet or C:\Program Files\Betternet

You can also check your system tray or re-open the Control Panel and Windows Registry to see whether the program has gone.

10. If the re-installation is needed, visit the official site for safe download.

In the very end of this article, if you have any questions about how to remove Betternet, or any experiences that you want to share, leave your comment or send us messages. You will get proper answers as soon as we figure things out.

It is always a good habit to termly clean out the junks and things you don’t need for your machine. You can imagine how hard it is for a computer to run fast with so many programs installed. Time is the most valuable resource in the world, and efficiency is what people pursue for accomplishing business. Don’t let the meaningless drag you down.

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