Remove RegClean Pro – How do I Uninstall?

How to remove RegClean Pro (a detected virus by DrWeb)? And, how to uninstall this Trojan.Gen.2 with the help of Windows Control Panel?

Systweak’s RegClean Pro has been reported as UNSAFE since end of the year 2011, i.e., for some malware characteristics, DrWeb (Anti-Virus engine, v20130708) also has classified RegClean Pro as Adware.Downware.1236, F-Secure Deepguard also identifies this RegClean as Suspicious:W32/Malware!Online.
As stated badware RegClean Pro is a problem, we strongly recommend sharing or bookmarking this WindowsUninstaller.Org knowledge base (KB) article that aims to help you thoroughly uninstall RegClean Pro.

Read on the following in-depth analysis in our professional review for RegClean Pro

warning iconNOTE You’ll might not be able to simple get rid of RegClean Pro via Windows’ Programs manager (XP’s "Add/Remove Program"s; Win8, Win7 and Vista’s "Programs and Features".). Now, let’s take a look at the causes.

  • "… This will install RegClean Pro on your computer. …"
  • Uninstall RegClean Pro - 1

  • (You need to get rid of this) Amazon Browser Bar (so that you can cleanly remove RegClean Pro)
  • Options & Description

    • "Set Amazon Web Search as my default homepage"
    • "Set Amazon Web Search as my default search provider"
    • "Amazon Web Search settings only apply when the Amazon Browser Bar is installed. …"

    Uninstall RegClean Pro - 2

  • "We recommend ‘MyPCBackup’ …"
    • "Online Backup for your photo, music, emails, videos, documents more!"


  • "We recommend ‘Advanced System Protector’ to improve system security."
    • "Does a free scan for spyware on your PC"
    • "Shields your PC against most prevelant (prevalent) malware spread over internet"
    • 4

How can I manually and completely remove RegClean Pro on Win8?

Employing the administrator account, do the following and I can ensure you can smoothly uninstall or remove RegClean Pro from your OS:

  • Close RegClean Pro.
  •  5

  • Select the "Quit" option from the "Before closing RegClean Pro…" window, telling "Systweak RegClean Pro is the leading and award winning registry repair tool that deep cleans, repairs and optimizes your system registry.".
  • 6

  • Run Windows’ Task Manager, terminate Amazon’s ToolbarUpdaterService manually.
  • 7

warning iconNOTE What you were seeing during the installation procedure I’ve just detailed above that’ll give you tips about how to entirely remove RegClean Pro suite with Windows Uninstall option.

  1. Double click on Control Panel on the desktop.
  2. Click the "Uninstall a program" beneath Programs.
  3. In the following "Uninstall or change a program" list, locate the RegClean Pro; then launch Windows’ Uninstall option to automatically remove RegClean Pro from your device.
    • Publisher: Systweak Inc
    • Size: 14.4 MB
    • Product version: 6.21
    • Support link: http://www.systweak[dot]com/RegCleanPro/
    • Help link: http://www.systweak….


  4. Hit the Uninstall button on the following "RegClean Pro Uninstall" wizard, "Are you sure you want to uninstall RegClean Pro from your computer? …".
  5. 9

  6. Then your Windows Internet Explorer will open and display the following "Speed up your system perf…" page (URL, http://www.systweak[DOT]com/registryCleaner/afteruninstall.asp?utm_source=systweak&utm_campaign=default&utm_medium=newbuild&utm_content=1&langid=en&isreg=0&expired=0). Of course you can close it without delay.
  7. 10

  8. Currently there’s the Amazon Browser Bar that need to uninstalled so that you can fully remove RegClean Pro.
    • Publisher:, Inc.
    • Size: 3.39 MB
    • Product version: 3.0
    • Support link:[dot]com/
    • Help link:…


  9. Now, launch the Uninstall option on the programs list, manually add option Amazon Browser home page (this option helps you "Remove the Amazon Web Search home page settings from my preferred browsers.") and the one Amazon default search provider (helps you to "Remove the Amazon Web Search provider settings") to the following Amazon Browser Bar Uninstall wizard, telling "Choose Components. Choose which features of Amazon Browser Bar you want to uninstall. …".
  10.  12

  11. Click on "Uninstall" button on the "Amazon Browser Bar Uninstall" below, "This wizard will guide you through the uninstallation of Amazon Browser Bar. … make sure Amazon Browser Bar is not running. …".
  12. 13

  13. "Please wait while Amazon Browser Bar is being uninstalled. …".
  14. 14

  15. Now, press "OK" on "Amazon Browser Bar Uninstall", "… The Amazon Browser Bar has been removed from your computer.".
  16.  15

  17. Save and reboot your machine. Run and check all your web programs. In Mozilla Firefox/Aurora/Nightly, you manually delete the from Firefox’s "Manage Search Engine List".
  18. 16

A complete uninstall of RegClean Pro involves suggesting to remove the Advanced System Protector and its requirement Microsoft’s .NET Framework application suite, and to delete all of physical traces left behind. Meanwhile, we WindowsUninstaller.Org stuff do recommend that you-all back up your Windows system prior to making any changes to your machine; and to securely and effectively remove RegClean Pro virus, we suggest that all beginners use an uninstaller Pro featuring PUP removal if you are NOT confident enough to maintain the registry hives.


Trouble Uninstalling the Advanced System Optimizer from Windows 7?

  • Find and right click on the ASO’s icon on the menu, launch Exit.
  • 18

  • Now, the following segment provides 3 options for getting rid of Advanced System Optimizer
    • Option #1: Press Windows key -> choose "All Programs" -> click the following "Advanced System Optimizer" folder -> run the "Uninstall Advanced System Optimizer" application.
    • 19


      (Note Both this solution and the #3 will require the admin rights to proceed with UAC confirmation dialog box.)

    • Option #2: Check Windows’ Programs list -> find the "Advanced System Optimizer" (Size, 202 MB; product version, 3.5.1000.15127) -> make use of the provided "Uninstall" option in the list.
    • 20

    • Option #3: Go to the "Advanced System Optimizer 3" folder below -> Run the "unins000" (a.k.a., the Setup/Uninstall app) as admin.
    • 22

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