How to Uninstall World of Warcraft on Windows 8/7

July 3, 2013 Updated: How to uninstall WORLD OF WARCRAFT from Win 8 and Win 7?

An introduction to uninstalling WORLD OF WARCRAFT on Windows 8/7

Alright guys, we first try using Blizzard Entertainment, Inc’s uninstaller to uninstall WORLD OF WARCRAFT from our Windows’ programs list. To do so, we may need to complete the following standard process: go to Control Panel, open up Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features, locate your WoW copy in the list, launch Windows’ "Uninstall" option, and follow the onscreen wizards, and then save & reboot your own machine. Moreover, we need to completely uninstall WORLD OF WARCRAFT and all its paraphernalia due to some personal reasons or other technical issues. Then this "How-to" page provides troubleshooting details for ya gamers who are having headache uninstalling WoW client; and, in order that you can thoroughly and securely uninstall your WoW game, the kindly recommended option is to use an uninstaller Pro. Check our video guide and recommendation below. Learn more.

PART ONE: Uninstalling WoW on Windows 8

(Tip The secrete to a clean uninstall of World of Warcraft…)

  • "Selected Languages: English (United States)"
  • "Install Directory (22.0GB required): C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft"

Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -1

How do I manually uninstall WOW from my W8?
  1. First, I click the Quit button on the following WoW’s login page.
  2. Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -2

  3. 2nd, I run W8’s Task Manager, I look into the Processes tab and then I launch "End task" for the Update Agent.
  4. Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -3

  5. 3rd, I open up Control Panel on my desktop and enter Uninstall a program in it.
  6. When the Programs and Features populates all the installed apps in the system, I locate the unwanted World of Warcraft and then, I launch Uninstall/Change option for the video game program.
    • Product version:
    • Support link / Update information: http://us.blizzard[dot]com/support/
    • Help link: http://us.blizzard[dot]com…

    Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -4

  7. Then the World of Warcraft says "Click ‘Uninstall’ if you are sure that you want to uninstall World of Warcraft.". I just follow it as I’m told.
  8. Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -5

  9. In seconds, World of Warcraft informs me that "World of Warcraft was uninstalled successfully.". I click on the OK.
  10. Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -7

  11. I close Programs and Features and manually restart my computer. Then I back up my system, and, I start searching and removing those traces of WOW manually.
  12. Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -8

PART TWO: Uninstalling WoW from Win 7 (64 bit)

Similarly, you can uninstall World of Warcraft via the following options – please note, though, perform the following actions as the Admin account!

Option 1
  • Click your W7’s start orbit button -> click All Programs on the menu.
  • Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -9

  • Enter the following World of Warcraft folder and run the "World of Warcraft – Uninstall" application.
  • Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -10

  • Click the Yes button on the UAC below. See the screenshot for more install info.
    • Program name: Blizzard Uninstaller
    • Verified publisher: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
    • Program location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Blizzard Entertainment\World of Warcraft\Uninstall.exe"

    Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -11

  • Click the Uninstall button on the World of Warcraft to remove WoW.
  • Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -12

Option 2

Find and run the aforementioned "Blizzard Uninstaller" (size, 1.27 MB (1,337,424 bytes)) to uninstall World of Warcraft.

Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -13

Option 3

Check your programs list, use Windows’ Uninstall/Change option, shown below, to remove World of Warcraft 5.3 from your W7.

Uninstall World of Warcraft on Win 8-7 -14

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG (short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Since the game was released on January 16, 2007, World of Warcraft has achieved massive success and became the biggest/most popular online game in the world. As WoW is quite a complex game which has huge installation folders/files, some of the players complained that they encounter errors and are unable to uninstall World of Warcraft from their computer, if it is the problem that troubling you, refer to the below instruction to completely remove your unwanted WoW game client.

Manually Uninstall World of Warcraft

First you may try uninstalling WoW from Windows Control Panel.

  • Click startControl Panel.
  • Click on “Add/Remove Program” (for Windows XP/2000), or click “Uninstall a program” link (Windows 7/Vista).
  • Locate and select World of Warcraft in the program list.
  • Click Remove or Uninstall button (depend on the OS of your computer).
  • Follow the instruction given to finish the removal.
  • Restart your computer.

Sometimes the WoW uninstall option won’t show up in either "Add/Remove programs" or Windows’ Start menu due to reasons such as incomplete installation. In such situation, you can try reinstall WoW game which will probably help you bring back the uninstaller. Or you can directly delete all the WoW files/folders manually, see the below steps:

Step1: Clean up temporary files

  • Click startRun.
  • Type %temp% in the box, click OK.
  • Select all the files/folders inside (you can go to Edit – Select all).
  • Right click on them and click Delete.
  • Back to your desktop to empty the recycle bin.

Step2: Delete WoW game folder

  • Right click on My Computer and select Search, or you can go to StartSearch.
  • Type Warcraft or Blizzard in the “All or part of the file name” search box.
  • After the search finished, select all the found files/folders in the right hand panel.
  • Right click on them and select delete.
  • Back to your desktop to empty the Recycle Bin.

Step3: Delete WoW related registry files.

WARNING The steps below required you to modify Window’ Registry Editor, which is a very crucial part of the system, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, it is strongly suggested to backup the registry first before you start.

  • Click StartRun – type in regedit in the box and hit OK.
  • Use the [+] sign to expend the registry key tree and reach the location of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software.
  • Click Edit – Search, type in Warcraft or Blizzard in the box, and click “Find Next” button.
  • After the search result is returned, delete all the registry key folders related to the game in the left panel of the registry editor.
  • Click F3 on your keyboard to search Warcraft or Blizzard again and delete the found folders/files.
  • Close registry editor and restart the computer to let the changes in registry take effect.

How to backup Windows Registry – Video Demonstration.

Uninstall World of Warcraft automatically…

The above steps may be a little bit complicated for some computer users, and considering the risk involved in registry editing, here we are providing you an easier and safer solution to uninstall World of Warcraft, by using the powerful Max Uninstaller, you are able to remove World of Warcraft or any other unwanted/stubborn program/application from your Windows XP/Vista/7/8 computer completely, you don’t need to manually delete temp files, registry entries, game folder yourselves, Max Uninstaller helps you get them done within a few clicks, you may free download Max Uninstaller here and follow the below easy steps to do so:

Step1: Double click the download setup file of Max Uninstaller to install it in your computer.

Step2: After finish the installation, launch Max Uninstaller to find World of Warcraft in the right hand program list, select it and then click “Run Analysis” button.

Step3: Max Uninstaller will scan out all files and associated registry entries of WoW in a few seconds, click the “Complete Uninstall” button to start the removal , click Yes to confirm in the prompted message.

Step4: Click Scan Leftovers button after the standard WoW removal process finish.

Step5: Max Uninstaller will then scan over your computer to see what’s left behind in the system. Once it finished, Click “Delete Leftovers” button to completely uninstall World of Warcraft and all of its remains.

Step6: Click OK in the pop-up message to finish the World of Warcraft Beta removal process.

Congratulations! World of Warcraft is completely been removed from your system, you are good to go reinstall the game now.

Benefits of using Max Uninstaller

  • Uninstall application/program/game and all leftovers completely
  • Remove application/program/game without getting any errors.
  • Remove application/program/game fast and safe.
  • Easy to use, save time and energy

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