How to Remove/Uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App

Windows Error 1605 “This action is only is only valid for products that are currently installed.” disabled your attempts to uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App?

Well, for few advanced Windows end-users, you could refer or review the following YouTube video demo to manually detect and remove all the leftover files and registry entries that may still hiding in your system. For more regular guys, to cleanly remove YouSendIt Desktop App, you should use the following best uninstall tool to effectively and safely clean its remaining software data on your device.


  1. Log on your Windows as administrator.
  2. In Windows desktop, you locate and open up the shortcut of the YouSendIt Desktop App and then, you save, move or back up any shared data in it – this way ensures you uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App without data losss.
  3. Uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App - 1

    Uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App - 2

  4. Right-click on Windows Taskbar, choose the Start Task Manager option on the menu to open Windows Task Manager application, shown below.
  5. To smoothly get rid of YouSendIt Desktop App from your Windows, you can also end the following YSIAgent.exe that may still running the WTM’s Processes tab. Review or read some more information about that process as follow.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe) / Win32 EXE
    • Description: Yousendit Agent
    • Size: 3.33 MB (3,500,112 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 3.33 MB (3,502,080 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Copyright: Yousendit Inc. (c). All rights reserved.
    • Digital Signatures: Yes
    • SHA256: 2ce6821851c1e83e0d883ead56b4e6d6bd361a9cca3c08ec266dbcc29176491c
    • SHA1: 46a14cae42efdb34ffe1ce10ac17bc65d2acf8f7
    • MD5: 9fd6cdd417f82c627d246fd29a7c8d11

How to Uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App

Option #1: use Windows Control Panel.

  1. Hit the Windows’ Start button and then the Settings or the Control Panel directly.
  2. Then the Uninstall a program or the Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
  3. Hit the [Y] key to fast locate and launch the Uninstall option for the YouSendIt Desktop App listed on Uninstall or change a program, or the Currently Installed Programs list on your Windows XP SP3 computer. For more related software details, see the followings:
    • Size: 8.78 MB
    • Product version:
    • Help link: http://kb[dot]yousendit[dot]com/article.aspx?=313326&p=12705

  4. Select the Yes option from the below Programs and Features or the Add/Remove Programs window.
  5. You then need to wait seconds for the below Windows Installer, telling “Preparing to remove…”.
  6. Select the OK option from the following YouSendIt Desktop App window, informing “… If you choose to continue, a reboot will be required to complete the setup.”.
  7. For Windows Vista/7 friends there, you need to select the Yes option from the below UAC by the e6639a.msi program to continue the uninstall process.
  8. So far, you should have completed the automatic uninstall of YouSendIt Desktop App software.

Way 2: Find and make use of YouSendit’s GUID to Uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App

WARNING Please BACK UP your current Windows Registry Editor to prevent any unexpected registry error from occurring while you tried to uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App using this advanced method!

  1. Press the [Windows] key + the [R] key to open up the Run application. Please type [regedit] in it; click OK on it.
  2. For Vista or 7 users, you then select the Yes from the below UAC window.
  3. Find the following path in Registry Editor, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  4. Press the [Ctrl] key + the [F] key, input the target in Find, click Find Next button on it.
  5. Press the [Windows] key + the [R] key again; type [cmd] in Run; type [cd c:\windows\system32] in it, press the [Enter] key.
  6. Press the [U] key, open up and copy the details saved in the Uninstallstring, paste it in the above cmd.exe, press the [Enter] key again to run the uninstaller for YouSendIt Desktop App program.
  7. When you see the below InstallShield Wizard window displayed, hit the OK on it. Wait seconds for it to help you uninstall YouSendIt Desktop App automatically.
  8. When the above uninstall progress completes, save your work and restart your computer. Then you might be able to manually clean those unwanted registry keys related with the uninstalled YouSendIt Desktop App program; and those files left in your system.

Related Application Error Review

Note The above YouSendIt Update Failure warns that “YouSendIt Desktop application has failed to complete an update and cannot run. …”

Solution: Reboot your machine -> re-try the currently installed version of YouSendIt Desktop Appapplication -> review or follow the video demo below and use the Windows uninstaller to thoroughly remove the problematic YouSendIt Desktop App application remained in your system; reinstall it using any newest or stable version of its official installer file.

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