Can’t Uninstall WinRAR on Windows 7/Vista?

You want to uninstall WinRAR but Windows Uninstall proved no help?

The following detailed tutorial will help you resolve any troubles uninstalling and removing WinRAR so that you can perform a full clean installation of WinRAR later, you now can learn or review some tips on how to completely remove WinRAR. In order to fast address such annoying uninstall stuff, we recommend that you use the professional uninstall tool below.

How do I manually uninstall WinRAR?

  1. To successfully get rid of WinRAR, you need first to be an administrator user on your Windows computer; save and close any open files, applications – the following correct routine would teach you how to close the running WinRAR program.
  2. Click on File menu on top left of its main platform (UI), such as the one shown below, “system32 – WinRAR (evaluation copy)”; scroll down that list, launch the Exit option to shut it down properly.
  3. Uninstall WinRAR - 1

  4. You then click on the Windows Start button and then, you open the following Control Panel entry on your Windows Vista/7 computer; or the Settings and then the Control Panel window.
  5. Uninstall WinRAR - 2

  6. Then you select the Uninstall a program or Add/Remove Programs in the next on-screen Control Panel window.
  7. Find WinRAR – it depends on the specific version you installed, like the WinRAR 4.20 (32-bit); for Windows 7/Vista users, you then launch the Uninstall option for it to automatically uninstall WinRAR on your machine; similarly, for Windows XP SP3 guys, you click the alternative button like Uninstall/Change behind the highlighted WinRAR item in the Currently Installed Programs list to start WinRAR program automatic removal.
  8. Then following Uninstall WinRAR window will ask you that “Continue with uninstall WinRAR?”, you then click on the Yes on it.
  9. And then Uninstall WinRAR would inform you that “You need to reboot Windows to uninstall WinRAR completely.”; please click on the OK on that info box.
  10. You then restart your computer manually to complete the above installation procedure of the previously installed WinRAR software.

How to Forcibly Uninstall WinRAR Compression Program by Eugene Roshal?

NOTE In case that you find that the installed WinRAR was missing in the above Windows’ programs list; or you got some error box from your Windows, telling you that its default uninstaller just could not load completely, or some additional components can’t be removed, or more other unknown circumstances on your Windows, please refer to the below force removal option for WinRAR to uninstall WinRAR.

  1. First off, let’s review its quick, simple default installation of WinRAR that you may have also performed.
    • Destination folder: C:\Program Files\WinRAR

  2. You then enter above WinRAR’s installation folder, if you’re running a 32-bit Windows 7 computer, find and run the following Uninstall.exe application to uninstall WinRAR.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: Uninstall WinRAR
    • Size: 121 KB (123,904 bytes)
    • File version:
    • Copyright: Copyright © Alexander Roshal 1993-2012
    • MD5: c5318421e90dc0a94e90231af1fe0791

  3. If you have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, you then choose the Yes option from the below yellow UAC window by the above Uninstall.exe, the default uninstaller for WinRAR program.
  4. Click the Yes button on the below Uninstall WinRAR window again and then, pressOKto restart your system.
  5. Should you still could not find that Uninstall.exe application in WinRAR folder I just mentioned above, you then save and load your Windows in its Safe Mode, you then manually remove that installation folder created by WinRAR software. To do a complete uninstall of WinRAR, including those linked or remained stubborn remnants of it, we kindly recommend you that download and install the following Windows uninstaller, Max Uninstaller – it would do the manual delete work faster, safer with advanced features.

Wait! What If You Installed the following WinRAR by Yahoo! instead, What Should You Do?

  • Item: WinRAR (32-bit) – YAHOO!® DOWNLOADS
  • Info 1: CloudInstaller will now manage your software download and installation. Would you also like to install the Yahoo! Suite? Express installation includes:
    • Yahoo! Toolbar
    • Yahoo! Homepage
    • Yahoo! Search
  • Info 3: By clicking “Next”, you are agreeing to AVG Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement.

To completely uninstall WinRAR, and to remove other optional items that may have bogged down your installed web tools even Windows OS, you need to take the below steps that would help you perform a clean removal of WinRAR, including the above Yahoo! Suite and AVG as an addition.

  1. Pease review or repeat detailed steps above to start and complete the express installation of WinRAR 4.20 (32-bit) in the Uninstall or change a program, or the Currently Installed Programs list.
  2. Then you can continue launch the Uninstall option for the listed Yahoo! Toolbar to uninstall it.
  3. Tip You then click on the Yes button on the above Yahoo! Toolbar Uninstall.

  4. To save your time, you then select the No option from the below "Yahoo! Toolbar Uninstall" window.
  5. Click on the Close button on the following Uninstallation Complete.
  6. To completely uninstall WinRAR you get from Yahoo! Downloads, you then can go on with Yahoo! Software Update removal by launching Windows’ Uninstall option for it.
  7. Then you follow Yahoo! Software Update Uninstall window shown below.
  8. Click Close on it then.
  9. You then open the current version of Windows Internet Explorer – you may need to reset your preferred homepage for it, set the original Bing as the default search engine for your IE on your Windows device.

If you would still have encountered some other unexpected issues uninstalling the pesky WinRAR at these steps, you now try out our Max Uninstaller to do the force clean of corrupted WinRAR application and, its remained additional files type and registry keys type left over on your machine.

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