Uninstall UltraISO Premium – Remove Virtual Drive

UltraISO Premium is an easy-to-use CD/DVD Image manipulation tool that enable people directly extract, create, edit, and convert CD/DVD image files. If UltraISO Premium is installed without your permission or you no longer need it any more, you can uninstall UltraISO Premium from system by following the instructions below.

Encountered UltraISO error message saying “No virtual CD/DVD drive found!”? Can’t burn an ISO file on USB section?

First, save your ISO data before you remove UltraISO Premium. Run the current version of UltraISO installation package. Then reboot your computer, run UltraISO again. Continue to read more.
In case that the previously installed burner couldn’t run properly, you can follow my YouTube video demo below to completely get rid of UltraISO Premium from your device. It can be seen from the video that Max Uninstaller is able to safely & thoroughly remove it.

Instructions to Uninstall UltraISO Premium

Method one: Download Max Uninstaller here to cleanly uninstall the possibly problematic UltraISO Premium

1. You run Max Uninstaller and check the "Installed programs" section and then, you locate the unwanted or problematic UltraISO Premium V9.52 application in it. Afterward, you simply click "Run Analysis" button on left pane.

  • Install Location: C:\Program Files\UltraISO\

uninstall UltraISO Premium - 1

2. You just need to be patient while Max Uninstall is quickly "collecting and analyzing UltraISO Premium V9.52 software install information"…

uninstall UltraISO Premium - 2

3. You need to get rid of the following program items – for advanced users, you might be able to manually remove them as well – then you press "Complete Uninstall" button then Yes to verify you want to clear those founded leftover data.

4. Click Yes from UltraISO Uninstall, “Are you sure you want to completely remove UltraISO and all of its components?”. Then you wait.

5. Click OK from UltraISO Uninstall window, “UltraISO uninstall complete. Some elements could not be removed. These can be removed manually.”. See? The default uninstall option cannot fully uninstall the UltraISO Premium on your computer.

6. Now, you click the Scan Leftovers button above and you wait for the scan progress to automatically finish. You then hit Delete Leftovers > click Yes > press OK.

7. Quit Max Uninstaller; save your data; restart your machine.

Method two: Launch the "UltraISO uninstaller" below to automatically uninstall UltraISO Premium

1. Press start button and go to Programs and then, you should detect the following UltraISO folder below, run the "Uninstall UltraISO" application in it.

2. To automatically uninstall UltraISO Premium, you then press the Yes button as well. And you wait.

3. Click OK from UltraISO Uninstall Window, “UltraISO was successfully removed from your computer.”

Method three: Launch the Remove option in programs list to automatically uninstall UltraISO Premium

1. Click start and Settings, you then enter Control Panel on the menu.

2. Click on the Remove button in the listing UltraISO Premium V9.52 entry to remove it from "Currently installed programs" list.

3. Click Yes on the following prompt to start uninstalling UltraISO Premium automatically. You then need to wait for few seconds.

4. Press the OK button.

Method four: Run unins000.exe below to uninstall UltraISO Premium

Q: How can I find unins000.exe while programs list does not provide me with the uninstall option?

A: Right click UltraISO icon on Desktop > select Properties > click Find Target… button > close UltraISO Properties window > press U key, fast locate and run unins000.exe; you then manually delete the remaining items in that folder to fully uninstall UltraISO Premium.

  • Type of file: Application
  • Description: Setup/Uninstall
  • Size: 766 KB (784,670 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 768 KB (786,432 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Language: Language Neutral

After the standard uninstall progress is complete, you manually clean any of the following traces to fully uninstall UltraISO Premium:

  • IsoCmd.exe, Application, ISO Command, 20.3 KB (20,880 bytes), v3.1.2.520; Copyright, Copyright (c)2006-2008 EZB Systems, Inc.; Company, EZB Systems, Inc.; File Name, 3.12 built by: WinDDK; Internal Name, isocmd.exe; Language, English (United States); Product Name, ISOCMD; Product Version, 3.12
  • isoshell.dll, ISOShell, 59.3 KB (60,816 bytes), v.0.0.2; File Version, 1, 0, 0, 2; Internal Name, ISOShell; OLESelfRegister, No; Original File name, ISOShell.DLL; Product Name, ISOShell; Product Version, 1, 0, 0, 2
  • License.txt, 3.13 KB (3,208 bytes)
  • Ultralso.chm, UltraISO Compiled HTML Help file, 426 KB (436,695 bytes) (Note: Save it to learn more info before you uninstall UltraISO Premium.)
  • UltraISO.exe, UltraISO Premium application, 1.25 MB (1,314,816 bytes), v9.5.2.2836; Comments, http://www.ezbsystems.com; Company, EZB Systems, Inc.; Legal Trademarks, EZB(R); Original File name, ultraiso.exe; Product Version, V9.52
  • unins000.dat, DAT File, 7.89 KB (8,085 bytes)

You can search other associated data to fully uninstall UltraISO Premium. See more info below.

After the UltraISO automatic removal completes, search your system to make sure that UltraISO Premium has been uninstalled completely.

  • ultraiso.chm, shortcut file; Target location, UltraISO; Target, “C:\Program Files\UltraISO\ultraiso.chm”; Start in, “C:\Program Files\UltraISO”; Shortcut key, No; Run, Normal windows
  • UltraISO: Target location, Program Files; Target, “C:\Program Files\UltraISO”
  • ultraiso, Internet Shortcut; Internet Address, file:///C:/Program%20Files/UltraISO/ultraiso.chm
  • ULTRAISO.EXE-063C48D9.pf, 20.6 KB (21,138 bytes)
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603, 000 – UltraISO
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\Programs\UltraISO, Order – 000 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 …….., 0060 74 00 72 00 61 00 49 00 – t.r.a.I.; more
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\uiso9_pe.exe – UltraISO Setup, C:\Program Files\UltraISO\UltraISO.exe – UltraISO Premium, C:\Program Files\UltraISO\unins000.exe – Setup/Uninstall

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