Remove/Uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition in Windows

PREFACE: Here at WindowsUninstaller.Org, we’ve re-updated this multi-project solution that will enable you to:

  • completely uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition v5.1 from Windows 7 x86 (Read the Upd #1 below)
  • uninstall Norton 360 2013 on Windows 8 (See Udp #2)
  • uninstall Norton 360 6.0 from Windows XP.

Well, Symantec’s Norton 360 is a real pain to fix, e.a., either you can’t get rid of some pre-installed Norton 360 software or the Windows Uninstall (aka, the standard uninstall option) does NOT uninstall Norton 360 thoroughly (i.e., the supplied uninstaller, InstStub, will definitely leave bloat items after you complete the express uninstall procedure) – we know it’s one of the main reasons most end-users are here on this blog entry. Therefore, don’t take ANY chances. Ya need an ultimate resolution to effectively and permanently uninstall Norton 360 and remove all of associated leftovers. This professional uninstall tool will allow you to do so, and the same to any other PUA on your Windows!

July 14, 2013 updated #1: How can I completely uninstall Norton 360 (5.0) Premier Edition on Win7?

Once you have successfully performed the typical uninstall process, find & clean the traces of the uninstalled Norton 360 Premier Edition.

In most instances, we can automatically uninstall Norton 360 Premier via the three methods I’ve provided below:

Method #1: Make use of the shortcut file to Symantec’s InstStub application

  1. First I disable my computer’s internet connection and launch the "Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect" option for the active Norton 360 Premier application.
  2. uninstall Norton 360_2-1

  3. For me, I’d like to choose the "15 minutes" option from the Security Request, warning "Turning off this feature also turns off Download Intelligence and SONAR Protection, reducing your system protection and leaving your computer vulnerable to some network-based threats. – AntiVirus (Auto-Protect & SONAR Protection) and Download Intelligence."; I press OK then.
  4. uninstall Norton 360_2-2

  5. And then I shut down Norton 360 Premier’s UI and, I use Windows Task Manager to force quit the Activation window.
  6. uninstall Norton 360_2-3

  7. Now, I press the orbit button (also, the start button in a XP system), enter All Programs.
  8. uninstall Norton 360_2-4

  9. Then I open up the following Norton 360 Premier Edition folder on the list, and then, I simple run the "Uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition" application in that file folder.
  10. uninstall Norton 360_2-5

  11. To proceed with the uninstallation progress, I apply the Yes option to the UAC below.
    • Program name: Norton 360
    • Program location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NortonInstaller\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28…}", "C:\Program Files(x86)\NortonInstaller\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28…/X /shortcut /ADMIN}"

    uninstall Norton 360_2-6

  12. Afterwards, the Norton 360 5.0 Premier Edition will provide ya with two "Uninstall Preference" options. To partly remove this copy of Norton 360, you choose the "leave my settings" option; otherwise, you launch the "remove all user data" to "fully" uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition v5.0.
  13. uninstall Norton 360_2-7

  14. Norton 360 5.0 Premier Edition then offer the Norton Safe Web Lite while I am willing to completely uninstall Norton 360 Premier. Of course I choose the No option from that recommendation page.
    • "Would you like to search and shop online with the confidence of knowing you won’t accidentally become a victim of cybercrime? Click ‘Agree & Install’ to continue receiving the protection of Norton Search and Shop Safely for FREE."
    • "How does Norton Safe Web Lite keep you safe online?"
      • "Identifies unsafe Web sites right in your search results."
      • "Warns you if a Web site has a potentially dangerous download."
      • "Exposes suspicious online sellers and helps you find repurable ones."

    uninstall Norton 360_2-8

  15. I direct click Next > button, "Subscription: You have 30 days remaining. Uninstalling Norton 360 5.0 Premier Edition? Please take 2 minutes to share why you are leaving us. Click here to tell us why."
  16. uninstall Norton 360_2-9

  17. Then Norton 360 5.0 Premier Edition tells me that it’s preparing to Uninstall, I just need to watch N wait.
  18. uninstall Norton 360_2-10

  19. Like uninstalling other antivirus brands, Norton 360 5.0 Premier Edition recommends me that I need to have my computer restarted automatically then.
  20. uninstall Norton 360_2-11

Method #2: As the Admin user, ya find and run the InstStub to perform the uninstall of Norton 360 Premier Edition

  • Option #1 (recommended): Right click on the above "Uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition" app in Norton 360 Premier Edition directory -> launch the "Open file location" option on the menu.
  • uninstall Norton 360_2-12

  • Option #2 (for intermediate guys): Run Registry Editor -> search the reg hives for Norton 360 Premier Edition’s UninstallString (GUID / Uninstall Registry Key).

Method #3: Launch the Uninstall/Change option in "Uninstall or change a program" to uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition

uninstall Norton 360_2-13

Why I can manually uninstall the Norton 360 2013 from a 32-bit Windows 8?

Three Options to Uninstall Norton 360 2013…

  • Number One: Try using the conventional way of uninstalling Norton 360 2013
    • Go to the Uninstall or change a program list.
    • Locate the following Norton 360 (v21.0.058), launch the Uninstall/Change option.
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-14

    • Click on the Next > button on the following "Thank You" window (it informs that "Thanks for being a beta tester! We truly appreciate the time and effor you took to help us make a better product. Click Next to continue uninstalling your beta product.").
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-15

    • "Select Your Uninstall Preference" depending on your beta experience and/or security need. Please note, though, "Any Identity Safe data that you have stored online will NOT be deleted. You can still access it from another computer that is running Norton Internet Security or Norton 360. To delete that data, cancel uninstall and delete the data manually through the Identity Safe settings."
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-16

    • Keeping or removing the Norton Identity Safe for FREE can result in partly/"fully" uninstall Norton 360 2013.
      • "Your Passwords With You. Anytime. Anywhere."
      • "Norton Identity Safety saves you time and it’s secure!"
        • "Never again forget a user name or password. Ever."
        • "Warns you of unsafe sites right in your search results and blocks them."

      uninstall Norton 360_2-17

    • "Click Next to uninstall Norton 360 2013".
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-18

    • Then the following "BETA" application starts "Preparing to Uninstall"; "please wait…"
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-19

    • Finally, the BETA says "Norton 360 Uninstalled. To complete this process, please restart your computer.". Follow that info and do that action later.
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-20

  • No. 2: Run the aforementioned InstStub.exe and follow the above BETA wizard to uninstall Norton 360 2013.
    • Find or directly enter the following file folder C:\Program Files\NortonInstaller\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}\N360\3EAA38BF\
    • Press the I key on your keyboard and run InstStub application within the Admin mode.
    • uninstall Norton 360_2-21

  • An alternative to the above No. 2: Use Norton’s UninstallString
  • uninstall Norton 360_2-22

How to uninstall Norton 360 6.0 on a WinXP machine?

  • Plan A: click on the XP’s start button ->
    select the All Programs on the menu -> enter the Norton 360 folder -> similarly, then run the "Uninstall Norton 360" app and then follow the following Norton 360 6.0 to complete the rest of the uninstallation progress.
  • uninstall Norton 360_2-24

    uninstall Norton 360_2-25

  • Plan B: Go to the "NortonInstaller" folder which contains the InstStub application ( 1.22 MB (1,285,544 bytes)) ; run that N360TW.exe to uninstall Norton 360 6.0.
  • uninstall Norton 360_2-26

  • Plan C: In the following Add or Remove Programs list, locate the unwanted/expired Norton 360 (version, and click the Change/Remove button next to it so that you will be able to remove it automatically.
  • uninstall Norton 360_2-27

Couldn’t boot your Windows 7 after ya installed Norton 360 (v5), Norton Power Eraser N/or More? Or all your attempts to surf the Web had been disabled By Norton 360 5.0?

Well, you may use the following instructions to completely uninstall Norton 360 (in Windows’ Safe Mode) and/or related solutions from Symantec, reinstall it at a later date.

A slide note for Norton 360 series uninstall: In event that you’d like to downgrade or completely remove them for lower edition of it; or you met some tough/unknown errors while you tried the typical way of removing it from your (old) Windows PC; or you simple wanna change them for another virus protection or security suite such as the Bitdefender / McAfee Internet Security 2013/2012 and more; well, of course you can first try performing the expres uninstall option for them by launching the "Add or Remove Programs" or, "Programs and Features" on Windows; what is more, the below professional & superb uninstaller PRO for all Windows makes cleaning large quantities of program leftovers safe, effective’ and/or force remove the problematic one remained in your system. Review my video guides above now?

How to Automatically Uninstall Norton 360 5.0 from Windows XP SP3?

WAY 1: Click start > Programs > enter Norton 360 > run the "Uninstall Norton 360" item in it and start removing it automatically.

WAY 2: You click start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Currently installed programs > highlight the Norton 360 item (size, 269.00MB; version, below > ya then click Change/Remove button behind the Symantec product.

Again, it’s time to choose your uninstall option for your unneeded Norton 360 5.0 when you complete the above actions.

Now you may send the user feedback by following the “Click here to tell us why”. Or you direct click Next > button.

5. Save your files and then click Restart Now > button. For more help, review/follow the video demo about Norton 360 5.0 uninstall; N we kindly recommend that you run smart uninstall tool below so that ya can effectively resovle any unexpected uninstall/(re)install trouble if your attempt of cleaning up those Norton-related traces N fails.

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