How to Uninstall Hotspot Shield (v2.67/v2.16) with Max Uninstaller

August, 22 2012 Updated: Follow me to remove the newly improved version of Hotspot Shield program, ver. 2.67

You might just do NOT like to wait a long, long time for the newly released Hotspot Shield to “RESPONSE FROM SECURE SERVER” – and then you would receive the UNPROTECTED error!, or you were wondering how to completely uninstall Hotspot Shield web connection defender and then, remove its toolbar. Now, let’s begin the uninstall tour.

If you had performed default installation option for the v2.67 of Hotspot Shield program – To completely uninstall Hotspot Shield 2.67, you may need to review the details and see the below screenshot below and then, you may need to restore the Windows Internet Explorer like 9, 8, even 6 after you complete the automatic uninstall of the main application.

  • Title: Hotspot Shield 2.67 Setup
  • Info 1: Welcome to the Hotspot Shield 2.67 Setup
  • Option 1: Select your language: English/more
  • Copyright: By clicking install, you agree to have read and accepted the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Software License and Terms of Service
  • Option 2: Install Hotspot Shield toolbar on Internet Explorer® and Firefox® browsers
  • Info 2: Uncheck the toolbar checkbox, if you do not want the toolbar. By clicking “Install” you agree to the toolbar privacy policy. End User license agreement and Content Policy.

Tip What’s more, as an administrator, you can quickly get rid of the main application via copying and pasting this path [C:\Program Files\Hotspot Shield\Uninstall.exe] in Address Bar >> following on-screen wizards to complete the uninstallation procedure. Got it? Or you can read or review the below newly updated steps to uninstall Hotspot Shield 2.67.

  1. You first hit the gray Close button on its main platform. Ensure the Hotspot Shield program was not still running in background then (use Windows Task Manager, then check out the Processes tab on it.).
  2. Then you hit Start >> All Programs or Programs entry on your Windows XP SP3 machine >> Hotspot Shield >> run the Uninstall Hotspot Shield in it.
  3. Select the Yes entry on Windows’ UAC info box.
    • Program name: Uninstall.exe
    • Verified publisher: AnchorFree Inc
    • File origin: Hard drive on this computer
    • Progam location: “C:\Program Files\Hotspot Shield\Uninstall.exe”

  4. When you see the below Hotspot Shield by AnChorFree window, telling “Thanks for trying Hotspot Shield. We are sorry to see you go. Want to try Hotspot Shield Elite with ad free for 7 days? …”; you then select the option “No thanks – just uninstall” on left pane to automatically uninstall Hotspot Shield 2.67..
  5. Ensure that you’ve saved your personal files and other data, then you click the Next > button on the following Hotspot Shield 2.67 Uninstall wizard, informing “This will close all browser windows automatically to complete uninstall.”.
  6. Then you follow the Hotspot Shield 2.67 Uninstall window, “Remove Hotspot Shield 2.67 from your computer. Hotspot Shield 2.67 will be uninstalled from the following folder. Click Uninstall to start the uninstallation. Uninstalling from: … (where you had Hotspot Shield installed)”.
  7. Then you need to wait. And then you click the Close on the below Uninstallation Complete window, telling “Uninstall was completed successfully.”.
  8. Close the below uninstall survey page by Hotspot Shield program.
  9. Save and reboot your Windows. Then you follow the below instructions to reset Internet Explorer.
    • Run the currently installed version of IE on your device
    • Click on the Gears icon; then you will see the below Internet Options
    • Locate the Search section, you then click the Settings
    • Highlight the Hotspot Shield Customized Web Search, then you launch the Remove option for it to fully uninstall Hotspot Shield 2.67 program from your Windows computer
    • Check the above Toolbars and Extensions on left pane then – Similarly, run and then check your Firefox product installed on your computer
  10. Now you can manually find and clean those Hotspot Shield-related remains like files and registry keys to fully uninstall Hotspot Shield 2.67. Note that for more newbies, I recommend you use the professional uninstall tool to guide you through the leftovers troubleshooting process.

Need Some Removal Support to Troubleshoot issue between Hotspot Shield and Mozilla Firefox (Ver. 8.0)? More?

To fix it, You need to completely uninstall Hotspot Shield (version 2.16; and also for those earlier versions) via watching my video guide below (in both of the automated method and the manual way).

How Can I Completely Uninstall Hotspot Shield (v2.67 / 2.16) with the Auto Uninstaller, Max Uninstaller

NOTE You need to register the downloaded Max Uninstaller to start the Complete Uninstall.

Some Information about Max Uninstaller

  • Type of file: Application (.exe)
  • Description: Max Uninstaller Setup
  • Size: 2.64 MB (2,777,856 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 2.65 MB (2,781,184 bytes)
  • File version:
  • Product version: 2.0
  • Language: Language Neutral
  • Digital Signatures: (See the screenshot attached below.)

Detailed Steps To Uninstall Hotspot Shield (v2.67 / 2.16)

1. Please log on your Windows as Administrator:

2. Right click on the Hotspot Shield icon running in Windows Taskbar and then, choose and run Quit command on the menu:

3. To thoroughly uninstall Hotspot Shield software, you can download Max Uninstaller via visiting (please copy and then paste it into your Web tools.

4. Please run that downloaded MaxUninstaller_Setup installation package as system Administrator:

Note You may need to select the Yes option from the above UAC.

5. Click Next button on Setup – Max Uninstaller.

Note: Please tick “I accept the agreement” on License Agreement window and then you click Next button.

Note: You can change the installation directory of Max Uninstaller to a Non-system disk by clicking Browse… button, then find a proper path for MU. Or you can direct click Next.

Note: You can choose or untick those two options on the Select Additional Tasks window, which will be added on your system. They are:

  • Create a desktop icon
  • Create a Quick Launch icon

Note: You need to go on and click Next button on Ready to Install window. Moreover, you will read the installation information by Max Uninstaller shown above.

Note: You can select the “Launch Max Uninstaller” option and then click Finish button.

6. Locate Hotspot Shield program on the main UI of Max Uninstaller. Click on the green Run Analysis button on left pane.

7. Wait seconds for the below Software Information Review window to complete the analysis for created files and registry keys. You then click the Complete Uninstall.

8. Max Uninstaller will then ask you that “Are you sure you want to uninstall Hotspot Shield 2.67 ?” Click Yes button on the below Max Uninstaller window.

10. Then you click the Next on Hotspot Shield 2.16 Uninstall.

10-1. To safely uninstall the v2.16 of Hotspot Shield, you then UNTICK “Close all browser windows automatically to complete uninstall.” option before you have saved all your important files, or your weblogs!

Note: Then you receive the above warning message, which would tell you that “Warning: some Hotspot Shield settings will remain until you reboot the computer. Are you sure you want to uncheck this box?”; you click Yes on it.

10-2. Then, you go on click on the Next > button.

10-3. The next window will inform you that: those created data associated to it will be removed from its installation directory.

Tip You can copy or write down the above information about the installation path. After the standard uninstall completes, you then remove those file type remains. Like the below items:

  • af_proxy_cmd, 1.12 MB (1,175,880 bytes)
  • HSSTrayService, HSSTrayService
  • libeay32.dll, libeay32.dll
  • libpkcs11-helper-1.dll, 84.5 KB (86,528 bytes)
  • tapinstall, 81.2 KB (83,192 bytes)
  • winhlp.dll, 38.8 KB (39,752 bytes)

More? Then you can employ the Search to clean those related data left on your computer. See more files found as following screen shot:

  • hotspot_shield_logo[1], located in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\0RXG5ZI7
  • Hotspot Shield Control Panel, located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Hotspot Shield

10-4. Then you can click the Uninstall button.

10-5. Please be patient while the Hotspot Shield automatic removal is being processed:

10-6. Then you need to click Next > button.

10-7. Then you click Finish button on the Hotspot Shield 2.16 Uninstall, telling “Completing Hotspot Shield 2.16 Uninstall. Hotspot Shield 2.16 has been uninstalled from your computer. …”.

10-8. Then you may want to fill in an uninstall page. Or you can just shut it down.

11. You then return to Max Uninstaller, then please click Scan Leftovers button; :

12. Click Yes on the below MU info box. And then the OK.

Note To remove those reported leftovers, you then hit the Delete Leftovers. And for those advanced users, you might review or follow my video demo below.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Wordpad\Recent File List
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache

Video Demo to Guide You through the Hotspot Shield’s Remains Cleaning Job

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