Uninstall Batman Arkham City problems/errors

Do you want to uninstall Batman Arkham City completely from your computer but somehow unable to do so as you keep getting error message when trying? Are you looking for solutions to completely remove Batman Arkham City so that you can reinstall it at a later time without getting error? Do you encounter problems like game crashes, Runtime Error, Freezing, Poor FPS, Lagging, black screen, etc and straggle with figuring out how to fix them? Luckily you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find the easy instructions on how to uninstall Batman Arkham City from your Windows XP/ Windows Vista /Windows 7 computer; professional guides to troubleshoot common problems that you may experience during playing game.

Remove/uninstall Batman Arkham City manually

If the Batman Arkham City was installed properly before, you can first uninstall it via Windows Control Panel.

  • Click on the Start/Windows button on your desktop.
  • Click Control Panel, then select "Add/RemovePrograms" or Programs and Features.
  • Batman Arkham City should be located somewhere in the mentioned program lists above, then you locate and select it.
  • Click the Remove button behind the game client.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Reboot your computer once the removal is completed.

Delete Batman Arkham City leftover registry files

To do the registry deletion, you need to use Windows registry editor, follow the below steps.

  • Go to StartRun
  • Type regedit into the run box, hit OK or press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Now Registry Editor is open, you can click the + sign to expend and navigate the registry tree.
  • Locate these two registry folders named: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/
  • Find out any folders that contains the word Batman or Batman Arkham City, then delete them all.
  • Reboot your computer to let the registry changes take effect.

Note: Deleting the registry leftover files is to ensure a clean removal of Batman Arkham City game cause the Windows Uninstall (aka, the standard uninstallation procedure) utility is unable to do so. But keep in mind that such registry modification can somehow be dangerous, as registry is the core place which monitors and controls the computer function, if you mistakenly deleted a good key or entries, it could affect the whole system and bring you unexpected problems. Make sure to double check the registry key/entry before you delete it to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Remove or uninstall Batman Arkham City automatically

If you experience errors when attempting the above solutions or don’t want to take the risk to delete registry files, we recommend you to use Max Uninstaller, a professional program uninstaller to help you uninstall Batman Arkham City completely without errors, which is far more easier than the manual solutions. You may download Max Uninstaller here and follow the below steps:

  • Step1: Hit the downloaded MUninstaller_2013_Setup.exe file above, and double click it to install Max Uninstaller in your computer.
  • Step2: After finish the installation, launch Max Uninstaller to find Batman Arkham City in the right hand program list, select it and then click "Run Analysis" button.
  • Step3: Max Uninstaller will scan out all files and associated registry entries of Batman Arkham City in a few seconds, click the "Complete Uninstall" button to start the removal, if you receive prompt message, click Yes to confirm.
  • Step4: Click Scan Leftovers button after the standard Batman Arkham City removal process finish.
  • Step5: Max Uninstaller will then scan over your computer to see what’s left behind in the system. Once it finished, Click Delete Leftovers button to completely uninstall Batman Arkham City and all of its remains.
  • Step6: Click OK in the pop-up message to finish the Batman Arkham City removal.

As you can see, Batman Arkham City has now been fully uninstalled from your 7/Vista/XP system without any trace left.

Batman Arkham City general information

Batman Arkham City is a well sale and top rated action-adventure video game produced by Rocksteady Studios. Batman Arkham City is created based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, and it is the sequel to the Batman: Arkham Asylum game in 2009. This game is released in 2011 by Warner Bros for platforms including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Arkham City incorporates elements of stealth and predator tactics, you are allowed to use gadgets that you collected in the first game which will be presented at the beginning of Batman Arkham City, and you will obtain the others later in the game. Almost all the gadgets have improved or boast new capabilities. more puzzle elements are incorporated in the Arkham City, for example, you can use the “Detective Mode” of Batman to highlight elements such as enemy skeletons and various on-screen clues to perform forensic activities such as tracing the origin of a sniper round.

Minimum System Requirements of Batman Arkham City

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • CPU: Dual-Core CPU 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA 8800 or ATI 3800 with 512MB of VRAM
  • Sound: Microsoft Windows XP /Vista or 7 compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c-compatible)
  • DVD-ROM: Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive
  • Hard Drive: 17.5GB free disk space
  • Input Devices: 100% Windows XP/Vista or 7 compatible mouse and keyboard

Batman Arkham City game problems troubleshooting

Problem1: You experienced game crash, Freezing, Errors during the playing of Arkham City

Solution: follow the below steps to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Launch the Batman Arkham City game
  • Press Alt + Tab on your keyboard to back to desktop.
  • Press Alt + Ctrl + Del to open Task Manager
  • Right click on NFS The Run.exe, click Affinity
  • Select core 0 and 1 only.
  • Note: this solution is only for Quad Core PCs

Problem2: you received the “Feature Transfer Error” error when launch the game.

Solution: This problem usually caused by the game disc, you can test the disc in another PC or DVD drive, if the same problem happened, you need to get a replacement from the retailer. If the game disc work find in another PC, that may indicates the DVD drive in your computer needs a firmware update to read the disc properly. You can contact the support team of Drive manufacturer for assistance.

Problem3: you experienced “Runtime Error” and unable to install the game.

Solution: for this problem you can try either lower the graphics settings or run on windowed mode to get it fixed.

Problem4: Batman Arkham City game No sound

Solution: try the below solutions one by one.

  • update the driver of your sound card.
  • Click on the little speaker icon in the system tray to check for the volume
  • Go to Start – Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > click Communications tab > select the “Do Nothing” radio button

Problem5: You received “Failed to initialize PhysX” error message.

Solution: check for update when connect to the Games for Windows Live.

Problem6: error “Microsoft .Net Framework Unhandled exception occurred in your application. Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.” Fix.

Solution: this problem usually indicates the .Net framework is outdated. You can visit the system update section of your computer, select .net framework related releases and update it. Or you can download .Net Framework directly from Microsoft.

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