Uninstall AVG Premium Security – Remove 2013/2012

January 22, 2013 Updated: How to Uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013 build 2890 from a Windows 8 computer?

If you wanna get the previously installed AVG Premium Security 2013 uninstalled completely, please read the following how-to removal steps to fully rid of it. And firstly you can watch me how to manually uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013 via the following video file.

You might use Windows uninstall utility to uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013

  1. As normal, you need to be the logged in administrator user, save all your personal files and other running programs.
  2. To smoothly uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013, you find it in the following Show hidden icons menu, right-click on it, run Temporarily disable AVG protection option on the menu.
  3. For more computer newbies, please select Until restart option for Disable AVG for item, then you click OK on the following AVG Premium Security, "Warning: You are temporarily disabling AVG protection. Your computer will be be vulnerable to threats while AVG is disabled. Please, select below the effective time period for the disabled status. At the end of the period your computer security will be re-enabled. You can also re-enable protection anytime by right-clicking AVG tray icon and selecting ‘Enable AVG protection’".
  4. If you’re running a Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer, you then as well need to select Yes from UAC below.
    • Program name: AVG Configuration Management Application
    • Verified publisher: AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o
    • Program location: "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2013\avgcfgex.exe" /command_id=e2c5f241-be15-464e-8545-18 / client_id=bb703d18-1d61-4042-b0ca-201…

  5. Click the Close button on the following "AVG® Premium Security" interface.
  6. Then you open up Control Panel, Uninstall a program / Add/Remove Programs. To automatically uinstall AVG Premium Security 2013, you first locate the following AVG 2013 (product version, 2013.0.2890) in Uninstall or change a program list.
  7. Launching Uninstall option on the table, please wait seconds for the following AVG 2013 Uninstaller to gather required information.
  8. Then you select Uninstall option from "AVG 2013 Uninstaller – AVG® Premium Security" below.
  9. To completely uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013 suite from your system, you leave the potentially unused AVG Security Toolbar, then you click Next > button on "AVG 2013 Uninstaller – Web browsing protection" wizard.
  10. Similar to AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013/2012 removal, you select the following user settings data and downloaded AVG Virus Vault for the following "AVG 2013 Uninstaller – Uninstall AVG 2013"; then you go on to clicking the gray Next > button.
  11. Follow AVG 2013 Uninstaller to re-enable your Windows Firewall, "Should the Windows Firewall be activated?". Click Next > then.
  12. AVG default installation may take a few minutes, please feel free to save any unsaved things while you wait.
  13. Do you uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013 with easy? See the following information "AVG Premium Security 2013 has been successfully removed from your computer." by AVG 2013 Uninstaller. Before restarting your system, you can close the following "The AVG Security Toolbar has been u…(uninstalled)" page. Or you need help? Save this uninstaller pro on your computer, install and run it as system system later on.
  14. After AVG’s main application has been uninstalled, you re-open Windows Control Panel, remove the potentially unwanted Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable – 10.0.40219 to completely uninstall AVG Premium Security 2013. The install progress should be completed soon and easily.
  15. Close Programs and Features above, open your installed web tools like Mozilla Firefox 17, or pre-installed Internet Explorer. Check the Home Page (page) settings in them to reset your preferred sites.
  16. If you can or you wanna try cleaning the additional program scrap associated with the uninstalled AVG Premium Security 2013 software, please refer to the following images; or for more ordinary Windows users, please save and run this perfect uninstaller program.

Part 2: how to uninstall AVG Premium Security 2012

AVG Premium Security offers users a total protection for their computer against popular online threats such as virus, malware, spyware etc. Unfortunately this program is not that perfect as many people find it hard to be removed, no matter how you force remove or automatically uninstall AVG Premium Security 2012, either from Windows Add/Remove program or delete it manually, files are always left behind which result in an incomplete removal, and this would led to various annoying troubles such as computer slow down, blue screen of death, interfere the AVG Premium Security reinstallation or the installation of other antivirus etc.

For whatever reason you are stuck with removing AVG Premium Security, you are in the right place, with the help of our recommended tool – Max Uninstaller; uninstalling AVG Premium Security can be easy as 123. Just download Max Uninstaller and follow the below instruction.

How to uninstall AVG Premium Security the effective way

Step1: Double click the Max Uninstaller.exe setup file, and follow the wizard to easily install Max Uninstaller in your computer.

Step2: Double click Max Uninstaller icon to open it once you finish the installation, locate and select AVG Premium Security in the right hand list and click “Run Analysis” button.

Step3: After a few seconds, Max Uninstaller will scan out all the files and associated registry entries of AVG Premium Security, then click “Complete Uninstall” to start the removal of AVG Premium Security, if you received prompt ask for confirmation, click “Yes”.

Step4: Wait for the standard AVG Premium Security uninstall completed. Click Scan Leftovers button.

Step5: Max Uninstaller will conduct a full scan over your computer and present you a list of AVG Premium Security leftovers. Click Delete Leftovers to thoroughly remove AVG Premium Security and all of its leftovers.

Step6: Click OK to finished the uninstall process. Max Uninstaller has now fully uninstalled AVG Premium Security and deleted all the related files (folders/extensions/registry keys/entries).

Note: The above demonstration shows how Max Uninstaller works to remove a program, it doesn’t specify the name of the target program, but this process applies to the AVG Premium Security and any other program/application/software/game. For more tips, please watch the below video.

What is Max Uninstaller

Max Uninstaller is a revolutionary software uninstall tool that provides ultimate solution to computer users to remove any kinds of stubborn application/program/software, it does what the normal uninstalls tool don’t, Max Uninstaller has its own technology to target on the core of any program, it not only remove the program but also remove every piece of leftover in the computer, if you found yourself unable to remove a program such as the APS, it is highly recommend to use Max Uninstaller to solve this problem to save your time and energy.

Benefits of using Max Uninstaller to uninstall AVG Premium Security

  • Simple clicks to uninstall AVG Premium Security completely with ease
  • Uninstall AVG Premium Security forcibly without getting any error.
  • Remove all the related leftovers (including files/folders/registry keys, etc).
  • 24×7 dedicated technical support to solve and answer any of your problems/questions

About AVG Premium Security

AVG Premium Security offers various features to keep your PC secure, searches the web for identity misuse as well as boots your computer performance. Main features including identity protection, speed up system, antivirus, optimize gamming and internet surfing, prevent spam, worms and scams etc. APS main features includes:

  • Advanced privacy information protection
  • Speed up PC and browser performance.
  • Anti-Virus and protect against any other possible threats
  • Improve gaming and surfing experience
  • Keep your PC away from spam, worms and scams
  • Ensure the safety of your online activities
  • Share your life on Facebook safely without viruses
  • Expert support from techies that care

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  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB of RAM
  • Hard disk free space (for installation): 750 MB

Remove AVG Premium Security – manual solution

There are several options you can try to manually remove AVG Premium Security, normally if you install the program properly before, one of these solutions could help you uninstall this program. Option 1: Uninstall AVG Premium Security with its own uninstaller
(Go to Start – All Programs – locate AVG Premium Security – click the Uninstall AVG Premium Security icon if found). Option 2: Uninstall AVG Premium Security via Add/Remove applet

  • Click Start Menu, Control Panel, Select Add/Remove program. If you are running a Windows7/Vista system, you should click the “Uninstall a program” link or “Programs and Features”option )
  • If you find APS in the program list, select it and click the remove button behind (for Windows7/Vista system, click the Uninstall option after clicking on the program)
  • If everything goes fine, you will see the uninstall wizard activated, just follow the instruction on the wizard to uninstall APS

Manual Removal Video Instruction

Option 3: Try reinstalling AVG Premium Security.

If AVG Premium Security does not appear in either the all program menu or the add/remove list, you can try to open the setup file of AVG Premium Security program, but it is not for a re-installation. Once you run the setup file, the installation wizard will probably detect existed AVG Premium Security program and offer you an option to uninstall it. Believe it or not, it did work in some cases.

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