Uninstall Norton Safety Minder without password

When you don’t need Norton Safety Minder anymore, but you could not uninstall it from your Windows?

Well, to successfully uninstall Norton Safety Minder, you need to provide the correct Norton Account details including the right email address and its correct password – for more advanced tips, please read the following “Method THREE” – when you start the express un-install of Norton Safety Minder program. Review or read some more detailed steps below to fully remove the unwanted Norton Safety Minder software on your computer.

Before you start uninstalling Norton Safety Minder, you need to…

  • Log on to the machine where you installed Norton Safety Minder software as system administrator.
  • Click the “Show hidden icons” menu in Windows Taskbar.
  • uninstall Norton Safety Minder - 8

  • Click on the the shortcut file for your installed Norton Safety Minder on the menu.
  • uninstall Norton Safety Minder - 9

  • Launch the option “Disable Norton Safety Minder” on the menu.
  • Then you input the required information in the following Norton Safety Minder window; click the OK button on it
    • Detailed information: "Your parent will need to give permission for Norton Safety Minder to be turned off. …"

    Note If you had entered the wrong credentials, “Error: Parent email or password is incorrect.”, you can temporarily disable your Internet connection or cut the network cable behind the PC case or from your notebook and more. For more details, please jump to the following Method THREE to remove Norton Safety Minder from your system.

  • Close the below "Attention" box, telling “Norton Safety Minder has been turned off until the next person logs on …”

NOTE If you had any other uninstall issue(s) related with Norton Safety Minder program, please tell us by visiting here, or you hereby use this uninstaller program to force uninstall Norton Safety Minder.

How to Uninstall Norton Safety Minder?

  1. Click the Start button in Taskbar and then the All Programs or Programs on an older Windows XP SP3 machine.
  2. Enter the following Norton Safety Minder directory on the programs list; scroll down and run the Uninstall Norton Safety Minder with a green download icon in it as admin.
  3. Click the Yes button on the following UAC – if you’re running a Windows 7/Vista machine. Read or review the details on it.
    • Program name: Symantec Component
    • Program location: “C:\Program Files\NortonInstaller\{78CA3BF0-9C3B-40e…}” …

  4. Then you will see the following required wizard by Norton Safety Minder: you again need to provide the right details for the listed items: Parent Email and Parent Password. Then you click the Continue button on it.
  5. Click the orange NEXT option for the “Removing product” wizard, saying “you have requested that a Norton product be uninstalled. …”.
  6. Please wait seconds for Norton’s uninstaller to complete its uninstallation procedure of Norton Safety Minder, informing “Preparing to Uninstall …”.
  7. You then select the option “RESTART NOW” or “RESTART LATER” when you read the following info, “Norton Safety Minder Uninstalled. A restart is required in order to complete the uninstall.”. For those remained leftover data, it’d highly recommended you that you use the following Windows uninstall tool to clean them.

Method TWO: Use Windows’ Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs to Uninstall Norton Safety Minder

  1. Vist Start > Settings/Control Panel > Uninstall a program under Programs; Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Find the unwanted or unused Norton Safety Minder program from Uninstall or change a program or Currently Installed Programs list. Review or read some more info about it. Then you can directly launch Norton Safety Minder to remove it,or locate it and then select the Uninstall/Change option for it to automatically uninstall Norton Safety Minder.
    • Product version:
    • Help link: http://www[dot]symantec[dot]com\techsupp/

  3. Review or repeat the above steps in Method ONE to go on with the rest of uninstall wizards, then complete its standard uninstall of Norton Safety Minder.
  4. To fully uninstall Norton Safety Minder, you then need to uninstall the potentially unwanted Norton Online program remained on the program list – Similarly, you need also offer the required info to uninstall it. See the below screenshot.

Well, for some top or advanced Windows users, you can refer to the following method (Method THREE) to get the Norton Safety Minder uninstalled.

Method THREE to Get rid of Norton Safety Minder

Option 1

  • Find the below "Uninstall Norton Safety Minder" in its folder.
  • Right-click on it; select the Properties
  • Copy the following info (Note: WOTQ) saved in Target item, [C:\Program Files\NortonInstaller\{78CA3BF0-9C3B-40e1-B46D-38C877EF059A}\AddOns\NSM\\InstStub.exe]; paste it in Windows Explorer, press the Enter key and follow the steps I’ve detailed to complete the uninstall of Norton Safety Minder.

Option 2 (more advanced & recommended)

  • Temporarily cut or disable the currently active Internet connection: open Network and Sharing Center -> right click on your specific or running/working network type like Wi-Fi, choose the Disable option for it; or you can also directly remove the network cable behind your computer case or other types of PC.
  • Click Yes on UAC if you’d see it.
  • Please input random information on the following Norton Safety Minder like “Email, [email protected]”, “Password, 123″, telling “… you must type a Parent Email and Password.”; click Continue and follow or review the above methods to complete its uninstallation – you can do it!

To clean its unwanted leftover files and registry files remained on your Windows, you’d better use this smart Windows uninstaller to thoroughly uninstall Norton Safety Minder; please watch the below video for more tips.

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