How to silent uninstall TightVNC server/service

Can’t silently and/or cleanly uninstall TightVNC, despite the usage of some automatic uninstall script?

Fair enough on "Add/Remove Programs", or "Uninstall a program" (aka, Windows’ supplied uninstall utility). We stuff now figure out the perfect way to find, analyze and remove a hell of lots of commonly seen or reported leftovers such as associated files, reg entries and even bundled programs. By manually modifying your computer system there is a huge chance of crashing it unexpectedly, and whilst we recommend this professional dodgy program cleaner, which will safely circumvent and remove the messy traces in your system. This app remover worth your money to permanently remove TightVNC and other rarely used / unwanted software on your Windows.

Now, I’ll monitor the major changes from Windows filesystem for TightVNC’s express installation…

  • "… The Setup Wizard will install TightVNC on your computer. …."
  • uninstall TightVNC - 1

  • "… Please read the following license agreement carefully."
  • uninstall TightVNC - 2

  • "…. Choose the setup type that best suits your needs."
    • Typical: "Installs the most common program features. …"
    • Custom: "Allows users to choose which program features…"
    • Complete: "All program features will be installed…"


    NOTE To analyze the install of TightVNC, I choose the Custom option above.

  • Custom Setup: "Select the way you want features to be installed…"
    • TightVNC: "TightVNC includes two components, Server and Viewer. Both are installed by default. This feature requires 28KB on your hard drive. It has 2 of 2 subfeatures selected. The subfeatures require 2480KB on your hard drive."
      • TightVNC Server: "TightVNC Server makes this computer available for remote viewers. This feature requires 1687KB on your hard drive."
      • TightVNC Viewer: "TightVNC Viewer is used to view and control remote computers. This feature requires 793KB on your hard drive."
      • Location: C:Program Files\TightVNC\ (TIP You can employ this perfect uninstaller to cleanly uninstall TightVNC using the “Location” information above.)


  • Select Additional Tasks: "Which additional tasks should be performed? …"
    • File associations: "Associate .vnc files with TightVNC Viewer"
    • TightVNC Service configuration:
      • "Register TightVNC Server as a system service (recommended)"
    • Windows Firewall configuration:
      • "Add exception for TightVNC to Windows Firewall"


  • Ready to install TightVNC…
  • 6

  • TightVNC Server: Set Passwords
    • "Please protect your TightVNC Service. Make sure to enter a password for remote access. …"
    • Password for Remote Access
      • "Require password-based authentication (make sure this box is always checked!)"
    • Administrative Password
      • "Protect control interface with an administrative password"


  • TightVNC Setup: "Completed the TightVNC Setup Wizard. …"
  • 8

Use the troubleshooting information below to uninstall TightVNC

Note In order to fully uninstall TightVNC program, you at least try reversing the aforementioned changes to your system’s previous state. If you’re too scared to make any modifications to Registry Editor, OR, if you can’t make yourself Admin, the kindly recommended plan is to run a complete scan with this smart uninstaller software.

  1. I re-log on to my Win8 system using the Admin principal, and then I go to "Show hidden icons" area.
  2. I right-click on the letter V on the menu, launch "Shutdown TightVNC Server" option on the list so that I can smoothly uninstall TightVNC later.
  3. 9

  4. Then I click the New TightVNC Connection window below; run Windows’ Task Manager, check the Apps section to make sure I’ve successfully terminated the linked process.
  5. 10

  6. Now I open up Control Panel and select the Uninstall a program under Programs section.
  7. I use first the built-in Uninstall option to automatically remove the TightVNC on the list.
    • Publisher: GlaSoft LLC.
    • Size: 2.39 MB
    • Product version:


  8. I click Yes when prompted by the following Programs and Features, saying "Are you sure you want to uninstall TightVNC?".
  9. 12

  10. Soon afterward, Windows’ User Account Control pops up and tells me the info, shown below; and then I click Yes on that UAC and I continue to uninstall TightVNC automatically.
    • Program name: TightVNC Version 2.7.7 Installer
    • Program location: Uninstall GlaSoft LLC. … C:\Windows\Installer\fd0785.msi



    NOTE You may have failed to uninstall TightVNC via a non-administrator account, BCOS TightVNC would inform you "You must be an Administrator to remove this (TightVNC) application. …".

  11. Finally, I refresh the Uninstall or change a program to make sure I’ve done the TightVNC uninstall.
  12. 15

You were unhappy with the Windows Uninstall because the TightVNC-related traces ruin your Windows registry and hard drive? Then why not try the software removal? Download the most professional uninstaller, the very best solution that enables you to effectively and thoroughly uninstall TightVNC including any leftover connected with it.

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