Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus Software – How-to Removal Guide

September 3, 2012 Updated: If You’re Running a 32-Bit Windows 7/Vista…

If you had performed the express installation option for the Avast Free Antivirus 6 or the newer one, Version 7, on your computer, see the screen shot below, you may need to remove the Google Chrome then. Learn more recent tips to completely uninstall Avast Free Antivirus on your device.

  1. Click on the Start button, then the Control Panel.
  2. Now, you hit the Uninstall a program link under the Programs.
  3. Check the Uninstall or change a program list, you then locate the avast Free Antivirus, double-click on it to let Windows uninstall Avast Free Antivirus automatically. See more info about the listed program.
    • Product version: 6.0.1289.0

  4. Wait then, when you see the below Avast Free Antivirus Setup window, you then choose the Uninstall option on it; then you click Next > button to go on uninstall Avast Free Antivirus.
  5. Then your desktop would become black temporarily, and then you need to select the Yes option on left pane to go on to uninstall Avast Free Antivirus.
  6. Then the Avast Free Antivirus Setup would tell you “Creating system restore point, this may take a while…” and more other details about the uninstall process.
  7. You may then send your Avast Free Antivirus program experience via completing the below Uninstall Survey page; or you close it directly.
  8. Ensuring you’ve saved all your personal files, choose the Restart option from the below Avast Free Antivirus Setup, telling “Uninstall finished”, and then click the Finish button on it. Otherwise, please tick the Restart later on that window.
  9. After that, you visit Windows’ programs list again – to completely uninstall Avast Free Antivirus, you need to uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x86 9.0.30729.4148 from your system.
    • Size: 596 KB
    • Product version: 9.0.30729.4148

    Tip You then click the Yes on Programs and Features to uninstall the above C++ item, the required component of Avast Free Antivirus. And wait for the Windows Installer prepare to remove the potentially unwanted C++.

    Tip You then need to select the Yes from the blue Windows UAC (by the above vc_red.msi program).

  10. Save and reboot again. You might choose the manual way to find and then uninstall Avast Free Antivirus remains on your computer, see the following screenshots for more tips. Here, I recommend you use a more safer and effective approach to clean them off.
  11. NOTE See here for more tips on perfect Google Chrome uninstall.

Just in case that you encounter the following error info during the standard uninstall of the Avast Free Antivirus program, please save and reboot your computer, re-try it again as admin, you may save and upload the below setup log to avast’s official help forum for more tech support; and/or then review my video demo and download the powerful uninstall tool here to remove the half-uninstalled on from your computer.

How Can I Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus Software on My Windows XP computer?

Preface: Typically, you can uninstall Avast Free Antivirus as system Administrator via using Microsoft® Windows® Add or Remove Programs link.
For those regular users, please save and run this perfect uninstall tool to help you thoroughly uninstall Avast Free Antivirus.

1. Please press down Start button on your keyboard; then please enter Settings item on that menu; then the Windows Control Panel.

2. Then you’ll led onto Control Panel window, locate and then click Add or Remove Programs link; finally you’ve open up Microsoft® Windows® Currently installed programs list.

3. You may write down some more info about your current version of Avast Free Antivirus program via clicking on the “Click here for support information.” link on the item. You can also press the A key to fast discover Avast Free Antivirus item on that list. You will read the following info:

  • Publisher: AVAST Software
  • Version: 6.0.1289.0

5. You then click on Change/Remove button on the listed Avast Free Antivirus item to automatically uninstall it, you’ll see the following Avast Free Antivirus Setup again, please then click Uninstall section, informing “More Info, Uninstall current version”.

6. Clicking Next > button, your screen will become black again, then the Avast Free Antivirus Setup (Uninstall) application warns you that “An attempt has been made to uninstall avast! …”. And then you can see Countdown Timer option coded by your Avast Free Antivirus software.

7. You then need to click the Yes button to continue uninstall Avast Free Antivirus.

8. Your default Web tool will go to the following yellow avast! Uninstall Survey page; please then you first save your personal data, close that Survey webpage, you can then press Finish button. Your PC will be then rebooted. So far, you uninstall Avast Free Antivirus automatically and successfully.

How Can I Find and Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus Remnant from My Windows?

Review the following associated files info, which would help you uninstall them completely.

  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\aswClnTg.htm
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\aswClnTg.txt
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\aswInfTg.htm
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\aswInfTg.txt
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\Avast5_1033.chm
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\Base.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\Boot.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\1033\uiLangRes.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\Aavm4h.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AavmRpch.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhAScr.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResBhv.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResJs.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResMai.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResMes.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResNS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResP2P.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResStd.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AhResWS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashBase.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashMaiSv.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashOutXt.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashQuick.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashServ.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashShell.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashTask.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashTaskEx.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashUpd.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashWebSv.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\ashWsFtr.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswAux.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswChLic.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswCmnBS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswCmnIS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswCmnOS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswData.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswDld.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswEngLdr.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswIdle.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswJsFlt.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswLog.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswMonDS.sys
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswMonVD.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswProperty.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswRegSvr.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswRegSvr64.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswRunDll.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswSqLt.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswStrm.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswUtil.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\aswWebRepIE.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\avastSS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AvastSvc.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AvastUI.exe
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\AvSSHook.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\CommonRes.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\acshort.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\algo.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\ArPot.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswAR.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswBoot.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswCleanerDLL.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswCmnBS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswCmnIS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswCmnOS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswEngin.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswRawFS.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswRep.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\aswScan.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\certs.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_el.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_java.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_java.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_js.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_js.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_mx4.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_mx4.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_mx95.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_mx95.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_o7.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_o7.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_ob.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_pe2.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_swf.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_swf.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_tx.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_u.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_w6.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_w6.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_wh.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\db_xtn.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\def.ini
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\dllcc.dat
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\exts.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\fwAux.dll
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\list_d.txt
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\list_i.txt
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\lshe3.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\l_idx.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\l_nmp.map
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\Sf.bin
  • C:\PROGRA~1\AVASTS~1\Avast\defs\11092801\sl_idx.map

Need help? Please follow this video below to help you find and then remove them. For more newbies, please download the smartest uninstall tool to help you do so.

Where Can I Download Avast Free Antivirus Software Safely?

  1. You can download Avast from the very famous Download Site, CNET Download[dot]com. Please then pay a visit there to get your Avast program on your Windows.
  2. You can also save avast! Free Antivirus (Version 6) from its official website on your PC.

Conclusion: Safe downloading can help you safeguard your computer far away from those reprogrammed versions, even those rogueware made by cyber hackers.

1. Before you can have Avast Free Antivirus installed successfully on your PC, you are very, very strongly advised that you get other computer antivirus programs (you installed before) uninstalled completely! You would have to follow those automatic removal procedure arranged by the antivirus software you installed before, and then you may have to clean those files and those registry entries remained in your system. How can I clean Windows Registry? Please learn my video guide on editing Windows Registry Editor here.

2. Detailed Avast Free Antivirus Installation Package Info

    • File Size: 57.0 MB (59,854,808 bytes)
    • File Version: 6.0.1289.0
    • Description: AVAST Software Setup Engine
    • Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 AVAST Software
    • Internal Name: avast.setup
    • Language: Language Neutral
    • Product Name: AVAST Software Security
    • Digital Signatures: See the screenshot shown below

Learn & Review Some More Related Topics

Preface: You could get answers to these questions about Avast Free Antivirus installation from Google search engine, or you can visit avast! support forums for further info to help you uninstall Avast Free Antivirus software thoroughly.

Question 1. What are and how can I deal with those temporary files created by Avast software located in C:\windows\temp\_avast5\ (you can find them mostly in Avast installation path or its folder.)?

A: You need to perform a clean uninstall of avast! files as system Administrator.

Question 2. Why I just could not run Windows Internet Explorer (9) and/or Mozilla Firefox (6) on my Microsoft® Windows® 7 professional 32-bit Operating System?

A: Please be sure that you have only firewall installed, that’s Windows system firewall, without other third-party firewalls installed. Or you can then try to temporarily disable or close your third-party firewall. You can then try to set up a proxy server to work with your browser (run your Web tools via proxy setting applied, using loopback address and Port 12080). Furthermore, you can read "How to configure Internet Explorer to use a proxy server" page in my References section.

Question 3. Why I just can not run virus scan in Windows Safe Mode via running the Avast Free Antivirus application?

Because Avast Free Antivirus just cannot load its main driver in Safe Mode. Moreover, it has boot scan for you to remove computer malware . How to boot scan then?

    • Please double click on Avast Free Antivirus tray icon running in Windows Taskbar, then avast! user interface will be displayed for you;
    • Please then look into SCAN COMPUTER section, then you need to click on Boot-time Scan item;

    • Please move your mouse onto Settings link, then you will a blue button on it;

    • Entering BOOT-TIME SCAN PARAMETERS box, please then click Areas to scan link and then, choose All harddisks; press OK button and quit it.

More? You may need these, like "Scanning slow with Avast (Version 6.0.1203)" (tip: you can set your avast! to skip the scanning of those multimedia data saved on your disks)

Wanna completely uninstall Avast Free Antivirus then reinstall the newer version of it? Or you wanna change it for another anti-spyware program? Follow my video demo and then, you run the perfect uninstaller to forcibly uninstall Avast Free Antivirus and then quickly remove its unwanted leftover files and registry files.

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