How Do I Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

When you decide to temporarily/permanently disable/uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials, you are tired of scrolling through Programs and Features / Currently installed programs, or you just do not know how to do so?

Then, please select the troubleshooting details in the following "How-to" article, which contains steps enabling you to learn how to remove Microsoft Security Essentials on a Windows operating system. Moreover, you may know that this said FREE Anti-spyware and Anti-Virus program Microsoft Security Essentials is NOT standardly pre-installed on any OEM (aka, original equipment manufacturer) earlier editions of Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP SP3); and that the enhanced Windows Defender has replaced the said MSE on a Windows 8/7 system. If you just cannot follow the following manual steps for disabling or uninstalling the Anti-malware software MSE (by using the default Windows Uninstaller), now please save and run the strongly recommended uninstaller Pro that can easily remove your unwanted MSE like v1.0, v2.0.1963 and/or v4.1.0522.0 and more with FEW clicks; and keep other PUPs at bay.

Chapter One: How do I disable Windows Defender on my Windows 8 computer?

Note You might be unable uninstall the said MSE from a Win8 system; instead, I can tell you that you might be able to manually turn off the Windows Defender. And, if, you complete the steps described below, please download and use this PUPs protection to completely uninstall Windows Defender, which also means force get rid of Microsoft Security Essentials to effectively resolve other identical problems associated with it.For more details, please skip the following content and check out the QuickLinks portion below.

Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials - 2

Quick solution for disabling Windows Defender in Windows 8 system

  1. I first save and close my opening files and programs; then I switch current account to the administrator user.
  2. I double click on the Computer on my desktop.
  3. I open the following Local Disk (C:)
  4. Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials - 3

  5. Then I enter the Programs Files folder. Pressing the [W] key on my Logitech mk 240 keyboard, I can fast detect and locate the following Windows Defender file folder and then I press [Enter] key.
  6. Again, I press the [M] key and right click on the following MSASCui application. Then, I launch the option "Run as administrator" on the context list.
  7. Then I apply the provided option Yes on the following User Account Control. See the screen shot for more details on it.
    • Program name: Windows Defender User Interface
    • Program location: "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe"

    NOTE You can fully uninstall Windows Defender by copying and pasting the aforementioned "Program location" into the following freshly downloaded and installed PUPs cleanup Pro here.

  8. Then I see the following Windows Defender program displayed; and I click on the Settings tab on it.
  9. Then the following tree "Real-time protection" is highlighted; and I deselect the option "Turn on real-time protection (recommended)" on right pane; and then I click the Save changes button.
  10. Then my Windows Defender warns me that "PC status: At risk". I just ignore it and close it and then restart my Windows.
  11. If the step-by-step information above does not help you reach the goal, I recommend that you forcibly uninstall Windows Defender by clicking the Download button below.

Chapter Two: How to Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials From Windows 7 system?

Note Please follow the manual solution for identical problem of turning Windows Defender off on your Vista system. If you cannot do so, then you may need to reinstall it first or… use the given download link to the top class uninstaller for your unneeded Windows Defender.

How do I uninstall the Microsoft Security Essentials (v4.2.223.1) normally?

  1. Logged on to my Windows 7 computer via the required administrator account, I click the Win7 Start Orb button in the left-hand corner of my display and I click Control Panel.
  2. Then I press the Uninstall a program entry under Programs item.
  3. After I highlight the Microsoft Security Essentials on the list of Uninstall or change a program, I directly press [Enter] key. You may also click the Uninstall option for it to automatically uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials.
  4. To go on to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials, I exactly follow the "Microsoft Security Essentials – Microsoft Security Essentials Uninstall Wizard" below, "… Removing Security Essentials from your computer might leave your computer unprotected. …".
  5. "Please wait while this wizard removes Security Essentials from your computer. …"
  6. Then I click on the Finish button on the following Microsoft Security Essentials, "… This wizard has finished removing Security Essentials from your computer. …".
  7. Then I need to manually reboot my system to successfully uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials. I do NOT want to do the manual deletion of MSE’s traces. It is very difficult to detect and remove Windows shared files and registry entries! If you wanna safely and thoroughly get rid of MSE and its leftover items, you must recognize that using the following the professional uninstall tool is a wise choice you make!

Chapter Three: How do I Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials from a Windows XP SP3 system?

NOTE #1 You may be unable to find and run the following "Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials" to start the express install of it.

(Credit: fanhow[dot]com)

NOTE #2 In case the default Windows Uninstaller, known as Add or Remove Programs, just keeps sending you unexpected error information and you cannot uninstall MSE via its UninstallString or by using the following instructions, let me help you forcibly remove it via the provided "Auto Uninstaller" above.

  1. Firstly, I click on WinXP’s start button and then Control Panel.
  2. Then, I click the mentioned Add or Remove Programs.
  3. The current version of Microsoft Security Essentials has been highlighted, see below; and then I click the Remove button behind it to automatically uninstall it.
  4. Note "Support Information": "".

  5. Now, I follow the following Microsoft Security Essentials Uninstall Wizard to complete it.
  6. Then, I just wait and watch the on-screen window in progress…
  7. Click Finish on the Microsoft Security Essentials below.
  8. Finally, I restart my XP machine manually.

Recommended tips For common end-users who may have encountered problems completing the standard install of MSE, please use this small, yet smart uninstaller program, an uninstaller PRO for fast and simple uninstalling and cleaning your unwanted Windows programs, to FORCE uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials – I mean you can get rid of any versions of MSE on your XP computer system!

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