How Do I Remove FrostWire Toolbar in Firefox/Chrome

How can you completely remove FrostWire ‘n take back control of your Windows?

We truly understand it is hard to compete with all sponsored yet useless "BullWare" from sneaking onto your device. But we is goin’ to try anyway. We at least hope’s recommendation make it easy for you to cleanly uninstall FrostWire plus troubleshoot freeze-up issues related to the MALICIOUS OSS (a.k.a. open-source software) P2P info sharing client – even if you are unfamiliar with Windows’ file hives and registry settings. Therefore, use a time-saving option that will save you hassle and effort when the native Windows programs management utility is NOT enough!

And, to get the maximum benefit from a crapware-free PC, check out the following PUA cleaner Pro (an advanced yet lightweight uninstaller program) that many other readers have highly recommended for those who are just getting started. With the "Pro" you too will be able to effectively uninstall even forcibly remove huge amount of unwanted yet pre-loaded "clutterware" including browser extensions, clean off all broken installations and uninstallations. We’re sure you’ll see why you’d better thoroughly get rid of FrostWire in order to terminate your junkware days, protect the stuff relevant to your computer life, and turn your Windows-based device into a productive workhorse. For more practical solutions on crappy apps, please visit and bookmark our tech support forums: your another chance to upgrade your computer skills.

What are at least THREE reasons for you to entirely remove FrostWire?

For security purposes, you must remove FrostWire on your computer. Surprised? Confused?

  • File name:
  • Program name: "The Fastest File Sharing Application on Earth"
  • Size: 17.7 MB (18,593,360 bytes)
  • Digital Signatures: Yes (FrostWire, LLC)
  • MD5: 9bb65161f3eb1de40b0f399ebfb1f453
  • Detection ratio: 3 / 46
    • Malwarebytes: PUP.Optional.OpenCandy
    • Rising: PE:PUF.OpenCandy!1.9DE5
    • TrendMicro-HouseCall: TROJ_GEN.F47V1210

Remove FrostWire - 1

Having said this, let’s the "SnailWare" that have tortured your system all out: Crapware, as a pain in the rear, makes your machine overloaded easily. Now, I am going to describe the nature of problem regarding foistware.

  • "Search, download, share and play files with FrostWire…"
  • Remove FrostWire - 2

  • "Please review the license terms before installing FrostWire 5.6.9. …"
  •  FrostWire - 3

  • "Destination Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\FrostWire 5" (Installation information were gone? Is it impossible to remove FrostWire the standard way? Check the aforementioned location in the system partition for the recommended uninstaller Pro here. It’s the most convenient way to force FrostWire and its traces to uninstall.)
  •  FrostWire - 4

    WARNING The FrostWire Setup now comes with the unforgivable Ask Toolbar (by APN. LLC), the reputed realPlayer from RealNetWorks, Inc., Uniblue Systems’ SpeedUpMyPC 2013, Adobe Flash Player. At this point, we can recognize FrostWire’s installer as an entry point for nagware!

  • "FrostWire presents the Free Ask Toolbar with enhanced FrostWire features…"
  •  FrostWire - 9

  • "Install RealPlayer – Recommended by Frostwire"
  •  FrostWire - 10

  • "Install SpeedUpMyPC 2013…"
  •  FrostWire - 11

  • "Please wait while FrostWire 5.6.9 is being installed…"
  •  FrostWire - 12

  • "Completing the FrostWire 5.6.9 Setup…"
  •  FrostWire - 13

  • "RealPlayer recommends Google Chrome…"
  • Remove FrostWire - 14

See how can I wholly remove FrostWire?

Hence, starters will spend more time on uninstalling the aforesaid junkware. A step-by-step guide will also help you remove FrostWire and all of its bundled software.

  1. To smoothly remove FrostWire, I first close the following "FrostWire Setup Wizard".
  2.  FrostWire - 15

  3. Then I exit the running realPlayer client and then, I ignore Uniblue’s "LiveUpdate".
  4.  FrostWire - 16

  5. Furthermore, I need to run Windows Task Manager to end the following processes: realsched.exe *32, spmonitor.exe *32
  6. Remove FrostWire - 17

  7. Typically, I have 3 methods on standby to help you remove FrostWire:
    • Option 1: press Windows Orb button >> choose All Programs >> enter the following FrostWire 5 folder >> visit the shortcut "Uninstall" below.
    • Re18

    • Option 2: I open up Control Panel >> hit "Uninstall a program" >> check then locate the risky FrostWire 5.6.9 >> launch Uninstall/Change.
    • Remove FrostWire - 19

    • Option 3: I go to FrostWire’s installation directory >> run the following "Uninstall" application (495 KB (507,068 bytes)).
    • R20

  8. To continue the uninstall process, I choose Yes from the below UAC alert.
  9. Re21

  10. To automatically remove FrostWire, I then press Next > on the "FrostWire 5.6.9 Uninstall" wizard.
  11. Re22

  12. Now, I click Uninstall button.
  13. Re23

  14. "Please wait while FrostWire 5.6.9 is being uninstalled".
  15. Re 24

  16. Close the "Uninstall" when it tells me "Uninstall was completed successfully".
  17. Remove25

Every day you face new "spamsoftware" bloatware that can compromise Windows filesystem & registry, PC performance and your privacy. That’s why an up-to-date virus protection and uninstall tool pro are essential to keep your device clean, improving your Windows experience by effectively managing your programs list, safeguarding your machine against from those nasty PUPs. Get the uninstall tool Pro now.

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