How to Uninstall Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Internet Security v9.5.0

Need Some Help to Deal with Your Problems in Ad-Aware Free Internet Security Protection?

Take it easy, mates there. Here I can guide you through Ad-Aware Free Internet Security removal procedure to help you uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security and remove other undesired or problematic programs installed/remained on your device.

How to Uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security on My Computer?

First of all, please learn some detailed information of Ad-Aware Free Internet Security software below that will help you better uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security on your system.

Note You can read these details by clicking About button as well, such as the version info.

Note: you see the people who have contributed to AFIS software you’re going to uninstall.

Plan A

Note Though you wouldn’t be asked to reboot your computer after you uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security software. And here you are advised to do so – and to safely uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security from your PC then, please save your private data before you start to remove AFIS.

1. To quit your Ad-Aware Free Internet Security application, please click Close button on the left top; or you can also right click on the Ad-Aware’s tray running in Windows Taskbar in green color and then, choose and run “Exit Ad-Aware” option at the bottom:

2. The next window will inform you that “Are you sure you want to disable Ad-Watch Live! and completely shutdown Ad-Aware?”

3. Click Yes button to shut down that alert box.

4. To quickly uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security, you can right click the shortcut for your Lavasoft Ad-Aware software. What you need to do is to write down that installation path or called installation directory of AFIS (Version 9.5.0) to remove any LEFTOVERS created by Ad-Aware Free Internet Security later on: right click on that shortcut for Ad-Aware -> choose and then enter Properties link -> then click on Find Target… tab on Ad-Aware Properties window -> then you will enter Ad-Aware’s installation folder.

Note: Here you can see those .dll files and other data created by the Ad-Aware software you installed.


  • AWSCUpdate.dll
  • CEAPI.dll
  • lavalicense.dll
  • PrivacyClean.dll
  • Resources_64.dll
  • UpdateManager.dll
  • Viprebridge.dll

And some folders by Ad-Aware software are:

  • Drivers
  • Languages
  • Resources

4. The fastest method to uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security you can learn and then share is to employ Windows Add or Remove Programs link in Control Panel section: Click the Start key first and then, enter the Settings entry, go on choose Control Panel:

5. Go on click Add or Remove Programs link in Control Panel window:

6. You then need to scroll down Currently installed programs and updated sub-window in Add or Remove Programs and then, you single click on the Ad-Aware item on the list, then Ad-Aware project will be highlighted by your Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. (You can get some more details by clicking on the Support Information.) .

7. You will then read following information:

  • Item: Ad-Aware
  • Publisher: Lavasoft Limited
  • Version: 9.5.0

8. Then you can press Close button to shut down that info box.

9. You then lick on Ad-Aware item again, then you click Remove button behind it.

Note: If You just could not get the details about the automatic uninstall process that would make it difficult to troubleshoot the issues related with program’s leftovers, please download the following Windows uninstaller – the uninstall tool would help you resolve lots of other uninstall problems associated with other unwanted bundled software, toolbar and much more .

Plan B

1. Then you can enter Ad-Aware folder in Programs branch; then run Uninstall Ad-Aware app to remove Ad-Aware Free Internet Security:

2. You will then face Ad-Aware window titled LAVASOFT, informing you that:

  • Confirm Uninstallation
  • PLEASE NOTE – This will uninstall Ad-Aware from your computer.
  • Please click Uninstall to begin uninstallation.

3. Click Uninstall button to remove Ad-Aware Free Internet Security.

4. Then the next message from Lavasoft Ad-Aware window will tell you that:

  • Item: Ad-Aware Uninstallation Complete
  • Info: Ad-Aware has been uninstalled from your computer.

5. Then you click Finish button.

6. To completely uninstall Ad-Aware Free Internet Security – remove its files and registry keys remained – you then need to modify Windows Folder Options, open up For files and folders… entry in Search section; then please enter Ad-Aware to detect these data created by AFIS software like:

  • Ad-Aware (13,717,504 bytes), a Windows Installer Package (located in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (User Name)\Local Settings\Temp\AAWInstallerTemp\v9.5.0)
  • Ad-Aware95Install (9.79 MB), a Windows Installer Package as well (located in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (User Name) \Local Settings\Temp\VMwareDnD\871fa77c)
  • (58,062 bytes), a PF File (located in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch)
  • (31,972 bytes), a PF File (located in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch)
  • Ad-Aware Update (Weekly) .job (32 KB), located in C:\WINDOWS\Tasks (“C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Ad-AwareAdmin.exe”)

7. And to clear registry keys type associated with Ad-Aware Free Internet Security registry, you then run Windows Registry Editor via clicking Home key + R key, entering regedit. Copy this word, Lavasoft or lavasoft, to manually search and then clean those related items like:

  • LavasoftShellExt, located in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\LavasoftShellExt
  • {DCE027F7-16A4-4BEE-9BE7-74F80EE3738F}, located in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{DCE027F7-16A4-4BEE-9BE7-74F80EE3738F}
  • InprocServer32, located in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{DCE027F7-16A4-4BEE-9BE7-74F80EE3738F}\InprocServer32
  • LavasoftShellExt, located in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\LavasoftShellExt
  • … (Some more other entries to find out)

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