Uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE (PRO tutorial)

When you attempted to uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE, Windows’ Add/Remove Programs (Uninstall or Change a program) informed you that it just could NOT load its required installation log file?

Here comes the complete uninstall issue associated with the potentially problematic VirtualDJ software: how to completely remove Virtual DJ Home FREE? Then, you can get or review the quick tips from the following YouTube video via simply clicking the Play button in it and then, you can learn the detailed instructions that are provided below to complete standard uninstall of VirtualDJ Home FREE program. Should the typical method just does NOT help you uninstall the Virtual DJ Home FREE successfully, you now should try and launch the below force uninstall option for that VirtualDJ program by downloading and installing this lightweight Windows uninstaller PRO.

Now, Let’s start by reviewing VirtualDJ Home FREE’s default installation…

  • Toolbar install: Install the VirtualDJ Toolbar
  • Installation options:
    • Make Ask my default search provider
    • Make Ask.com my default homepage and new tabs page

uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE - 1

How to thoroughly uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE?

Note The following methods will help you complete the express uninstall of VirtualDJ Home FREE.

Method One

  1. Logged on your Windows as administrator, you then save and close all your running application(s) including the VirtualDJ Home FREE in Taskbar – you locate and launch the Close window on the menu.
  2. uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE - 2

  3. Click the Windows Home button, enter the All Programs or Programs on the Start menu.
  4. You then enter the following VirtualDJ entry, scroll down the below directory, run the Uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE in it.
  5. Click the Yes button on the below Windows Installer that will appear on your display. Wait it to prepare to remove…
  6. If you use Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7, you then need to select the Yes option from the below yellow User Account Control window to continue with the automatic removal progress.
    • Program name: C:\Windows\Installer\a2c7e3.msi

  7. In event that you want to re-install VirtualDJ Home FREE at a later date, you then select the No option from the below Uninstall VirtualDJ window; otherwise, you click Yes on it to completely get rid of Virtual DJ Home FREE on your computer.
  8. Save and reboot your computer.

Method Two

  1. From Start menu, you then enter the Settings or directly the Control Panel on it.
  2. Then the Uninstall a program or the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel window.
  3. Highlight the unwanted VirtualDJ Home FREE in the Uninstall or change a program or the Currently Installed Programs list, click or launch the Uninstall button/option for it to uninstall the Virtual DJ Home FREE in your system.
    • Publisher: Atomix Productions
    • Size: 49.4 MB
    • Product version: 7.0.5
    • Help link: http://www[dot]virtualdj[dot]com/contact

  4. To process the express uninstall option for VirtualDJ Home FREE, Click on the Yes button on the below Programs and Features or the Add/Remove Programs window.
  5. Then you can follow the easy-to-understand prompts to complete VirtualDJ Home FREE uninstall. Please review related steps above for more tips to uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE on your computer.

To fully uninstall the Virtual DJ Home FREE, please perform the below additional steps to remove the annoying Ask Toolbar – the optional component of the uninstalled VirtualDJ Home FREE program – and its unnecessary remnants…

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar again, click Processes tab on the following Windows Task Manager, end the following Updater.exe (Ask Updater). Read or review some more details about it.
    • Type of file: Application (.exe)
    • Description: Ask Updater
    • Size: 880 KB (901,800 bytes)
    • Size on disk: 884 KB (905,216 bytes)
    • Digital Signatures: Ask[dot]com
    • SHA256: 32e3b8cff11fba0415c1e7564876566866f2471bf88e7b3346f9e56efc0f5473
    • SHA1: 0195ee443c444c6c5eaf3c344974ca0243460f5e
    • MD5: 71200e7924d30860f032c7be3eddcb3b

  2. Then, you locate VirtualDJ Toolbar in the programs list, choose and run the Uninstall option for it.
    • Publisher: Ask[dot]com
    • Size: 3.74 MB
    • Product version:
    • Help link: http://about[dot]ask[dot]com/e…

  3. Click Yes on the following Programs and Features window again to permit your Windows to automatically uninstall the VirtualDJ Toolbar in your Windows system.
  4. If you have a 32-bit Windows 7/Vista computer, then you need to select the Yes option from the below UAC by a2c7ea.msi program.
  5. Re-check your running web browser window(s), save and then close it/them. After that, you click the OK on the below VirtualDJ Toolbar.
  6. Save and restart your system.
  7. Please follow the below simple instructions to reset your Firefox’s major settings like homepage:
    • Open it, enter the following Manage Search Engines… entry on the menu.
    • Highlight and then remove the entry, Ask.com, in the Manage Search Engine List box; then you can set Google, Bing, or Yahoo as your beloved default engine. Click OK.
    • Click Aurora on the left top, enter the below Options entrie on the menu till you see the Home Page setting for your Mozilla product.
    • Launch the "Restore to Default" option then, you click OK.
    • Re-start the installed Mozilla software to apply and re-check the changes you made.

  8. Now, clean your Internet Explorer…
    • Click the Settings icon on right top, uhh, under the Close button; then select the Internet options on the menu.
    • You then can launch the Use blank option for the below Home page section and then you click the Settings tab in Search.
    • Launch the Remove option for Ask Search listed Search Providers. Click Close on Manage Add-ons window.
    • Re-run your version of Internet Explorer to confirm your modification made to IE itself.
  9. For experienced Windows fans ONLY, you then might be able to use the manual approach to detect and remove unneeded files and registry entries that may still lingering on your computer. For more inexperienced end-users, to thoroughly uninstall Virtual DJ Home FREE, you are suggested to use the below auto-uninstall option for those additional data left over. Need more help? Please visit the below official help link.

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