Force Remove/Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Need some urgent help to 100% uninstall Download Accelerator Plus (a.k.a, DAP)?

Conceptually, you can remove Download Accelerator Plus by utilizing the following options:

  • Method 1: use the original uninstall file packed with the DAP client.
  • Method 2: employ Windows Uninstall utility in Windows Control Panel.

Such common overused uninstall operations would simply fail to proceed with your request due to some unexpected system crashes, lack of administrative privileges, missing / a corruption of installation/uninstallation information, and/or suchlike while trying to uninstall the Download Accelerator Plus via the aforementioned methods, plus the one of performing a complete/express reinstallation of DAP. Furthermore, we have to warn you that the latest build of DAP has also opened the door to Pandora: other bloatware would be installed if you choose the regular installation options that Speed-Bit LTD provides for the downloaded dap10_dapbeta_setup.exe file. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. You can permanently uninstall Download Accelerator Plus via the recommended PUA troubleshooter thingy, a professional-grade uninstall tool. We stuff first offers detailed analysis of the default install of DAP and, we too documented reliable step by step Download Accelerator Plus removal instructions later.

Now, let’s see how the newest version of DAP installer program tricks you into installing other possibly unwanted & ad-based Speedbit expansions…

  • "… I Agree to set Speedbit Search as my default homepage, search …"
  • Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus - 1

  • "Your download speed is …"
  • Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus - 2

  • "Choose the DAP packages that suits your needs…"
  • Uninstall 3

  • DAP Recommends… Special Offers… Speedbit Video Accelerator and FreeRideGames Player…
  • Uninstall 4

  • "Special Offers Downloading…"
  • Uninstall  5

  • "Speedbit Video Accelerator Setup. … set Speedbit Search (again) …"
  • Uninstal 6

  • "Now accelerating videos from + 150 sites: …"
  • Uninstall  7

How can I completely uninstall Download Accelerator Plus from Windows 7?

  1. First of all, I make myself the Administrator.
  2. I close the following Search window.
  3. Uninstall  tor Plus - 8

  4. I exit the running SpeedBit Video Accelerator and DAP.
  5. Uninstall  9

  6. To smoothly uninstall the Download Accelerator Plus, I as well need to use Windows Task Manager to stop the following SBUpdate.exe *32 from running in system background.
  7. Uninstall 10

  8. Then I can uninstall the Download Accelerator Plus through the below mentioned ways:
  9. Way #1:

    • Open up Control Panel, press Uninstall a program.
    • Then I check the newly changed "Uninstall or change a program" list. I locate the unwanted Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) (v10055 (Build 2585)), hit Uninstall/Change button on the said Windows programs manager.
    • Uninstall 11

    • To automatically uninstall the Download Accelerator Plus, I simply press the blue Uninstall button on the following "Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) – Uninstall" wizard.
    • Uninstall 12

    • To relatively cleanly uninstall the Download Accelerator Plus for my system, I choose the Custom option option from the following "Uninstall Method(s)" wizard then I hit Next > on it.
    •  13

    • I apply the "Select All" option to the following "Select Private Files to Remove" window and then, I click Next > again.
    •  Download Accelerator Plus - 14

    • I keep the following AniGIF.ocx in Windows System 32 folder so that I will be able to securely uninstall the Download Accelerator Plus, preventing the aforesaid system trouble from occuring!
    •  15

    • Then I need to tab the "Select All" option when the default DAP uninstaller tells me "Select Directories to Remove" and then, hit Next > again.
    •  Download Accelerator Plus - 16

    • Similarly, I choose "Select All" for the registry keys link to the unwanted DAP software.
    •   17

    • Now, I let that uninstaller automatically clean up registry trees related with DAP.
    •  18

    • I need to restore the following "Registration Database Keys" to fully get rid of Download Accelerator Plus.
    •  19

    • Then I need to rid of DAP’s "Sub-Systems" items.
    •  20

    • Now, I hit the Finish button to uninstall Download Accelerator Plus via the uninstallation options I customized above.
    •   21

    • Now, an Uninstall window from the DAP uninstaller asks me to reboot the system. Before doing that, I close the following "Download Accelerator Plus – Uninstall Questionaire" page, shut down Windows Control Panel utility and then, I restart my W7 manually.
    •   22

    Way #2:

    • I go to the following DAP folder where you put the Download Accelerator Plus software.
    • I scroll down to the highlighted DapRemove.exe application (135 KB), RIGHT CLICK on it, choose "Run as administrator".
    • Uninstall Download 23

    • I hit Yes on the following UAC window to perform the uninstall of DAP.
    • Uninstall Download 24

    • Then I repeat the removal steps above to uninstall Download Accelerator Plus for my Windows system.
    • Uninstall Download  25

  10. To me this is not the END, but the BEGINNING of a clean uninstall of DAP! I need to…
    • use Windows’ Programs and Features (aka, Add/Remove Programs for W/XP fellows) to rid the unneeded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x86 9.0.21022 and SpeedBit Video Accelerator of my programs list so that I can completely uninstall Download Accelerator Plus. Review the "SVA Uninstall" video guide below for additional tips.
    • Uninstall Download 26

    • Moreover, I need to clean SpeedBit’s browser integrations from my web programs (Firefox, Internet Explorer 9), including the remaining Speedbit Search (in homepage, search engine providers list).
    • Uninstall Download 27

      Accelerator Plus - 28

      (Please note you need to remove two Speedbit items from FF’s search engine manager list.)

How to Uninstall Download Accelerator Plus in a Windows XP SP3 system?

In most cases, you may have installed another 2 recommendations, Video Accelerator and Video Downloader, from Speedbit company. At this point, we strongly suggest that you too rid of them so that you can wholly uninstall Download Accelerator Plus, in addition, you take extra attempts to restore your Web tools’ browsing settings on your computer.

Uninst  - 29

Unins  - 31

Please keep in mind that: 1. DO exit the DAP app and end all of associated processes before you try using the aforesaid methods to uninstall Download Accelerator Plus. For details, you need to remove Microsoft’s ".NET 3.5" and "Visual C++ 08"; the FFmpeg from your own programs list. 2. DO restart your device when you complete an uninstall of the Speedbit program. 3. Reset a range of browser settings, such as homepage, search settings.

Uninstal  30

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