Delete/uninstall/remove SweetIM for Messenger 3

The SweetIM for Messenger/Toolbar was installed to your system/browser(s) by somebody else? Now you can’t completely remove SweetIM from the above mentioned areas?

WindowsUninstaller.Org has now posted this How-to page that contains the "How to Manually Remove SweetIM for Messenger 3" YouTube video tutorial and detailed step-by-step uninstall and clean steps for getting rid of sweetim Community Toolbar, an app characterizing risky software based on changing the browser’s "Home Page", "New Tab" and more. Check out the information below, for more instructions for friends to learn the computer skills if you wanna cleanly remove SweetIM and its associations, and obtain a healthy web tool and a fast Windows operating system.

Why you must remove SweetIM?

  • MD5: 67f29f617af9fcd7c8a54c1f75b85e96
  • Detection ratio: 2/46
    • DrWeb: Adware.SweetIM.26
    • ESET-NOD32: a variant of Win32/SweetIM.C

remove SweetIM - 1

To learn more about SweetIM analysis, please visit here; and please install the best uninstall tool to permanently get rid of SweetIM for your Windows.

How does a SweetIM malware affect your PC functions?

  • Item: SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks
    • "Install SweetPacks toolbar on my default browser"

    remove SweetIM - 2

  • "… Set Your Home Page & New Tab to SweetPacks in Internet Explorer"
  • 3

  • "We Recommend: Your PC Performance Might Be Poor. … More Great Downloads: (Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC)"
  • 4

We are only able to run a clean, fast and secure browser/OS if we fully remove SweetIM…

Most beginners use Windows Uninstall as standard, but that traditional method does not resolve all their redirect problem. The main cause of browser hijacking is the remaining SWEETPACKS TOOLBAR by SweetIM Technologies, Ltd. The purpose of this page requires a complete uninstall of SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks. Using this uninstaller PRO is the recommended option to thoroughly remove SweetIM and related PUA on your machine.

  1. First I close all the instances of browsers.
  2. 5

  3. Second I run Task Manager; I look into the Background processes section, I launch the "End task" option for the SweetIM Instant Messenger Enhancer so that I can smoothly get rid of SweetIM on my Win8 computer.
  4. 6

  5. Third I go to the Control Panel on my computer display and then, I click the Uninstall a program.
  6. To automatically remove SweetIM (the main application), I locate the following SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks (product version, and launch the Uninstall/Change option at the top of currently installed programs list.
  7. 7

  8. To proceed to remove SweetIM, I click on the Remove button on the "SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks Uninstaller", telling "When you installed SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks you also installed other applications, please choose which applications you wish to remove: ‘SweetIM (SweetIM for Messenger, Toolbar, Update Manager), PriceGong, DealPly, Free Ride Games’. …’".
  9. 8

  10. Then the SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks Uninstaller becomes unresponding.
  11. 9

  12. After a while, My Windows Internet Explorer 10 runs automatically and visits the following "Download Free Emoticons, Smileys, Winks and Games for MSN, AIM, Yahoo & ICQ Messenger – SweetIM" page (URL, http://www.sweetim[DOT]com/uninstallbar.asp?barid={C42CEE60-EB61-11E2-AFA3-000C29695935}), informing "You have uninstalled SweetIM for Internet Explorer. …". I direct close the above web page then.
  13. 10

  14. I check and shut down the Programs and Features.
  15. I re-run my IE, open the Internet Options, remove the annoying "{C42CEE60-EB61-11E2-AFA3-000C29695935}" URL from the Home page option to fully remove SweetIM.
  16. 11

  17. Moreover, I click the Programs tab, enter Manage add-ons entry, reset Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine and remove SweetIM search from the Search Providers table.
  18. 12

  19. I run Internet Explorer again to ensure I’ve successfully removed SweetIM search from the browser.
  20. 13

  21. Even after I remove SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks and SweetIM search, it undoubtedly leave a host of residual items. Then I perform the manual search and deletion of associated bloat traces to cleanly remove SweetIM.
  22. 14

Now if you are just willing to remove SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks that is a different matter and a monumentally bad choice. You may use Windows Uninstall or the supplied uninstaller program (if the unwanted SweetIM is NOT listed). Read on the expurgated content below.

  • Go to Program Files folder and enter the sweetpacks bundle uninstaller.
  • 15

  • Run the uninstaller application (368 KB) and partially remove SweetIM. Review the following specs, for users to learn what it is.
    • Description: TODO: <File description>
    • File version:
    • Product name: TODO: <File description>
    • Internal Name / Original File name: BundleUninstall.exe
    • Copyright: TODO: (c) <Company name>. All rights reserved.


  • Reexamine the programs list that is included with your Windows. Answer Yes to the Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs, warning "… It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks from the Programs and Features list?".
  • 17

How do I remove the sweetim Community Toolbar for Windows XP SP3?

  • "Get the official sweetim Toolbar for Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, or Chrome™. Learn more"
    • "Set my default search to Conduit Search and notify me of changes."
    • "Set my home page to Conduit Search and notify me of changes."


  • "(PC Tools’) Registry Mechanic: Make Your Computer Run Better with Registry Mechanic"
  • 19

  • "Try TuneUp Utilities 2013 for Free"
  •  20

To enable you all guys to control and remove SweetIM completely, I also have related blog posts I can recommend to you-all guys. READ UP them above. Meanwhile, you should recognize that you cannot cleanly remove sweetim Community Toolbar employing Windows Uninstall option!


Furthermore, uninstalling sweetim Community Toolbar, deleting its leftover data and restoring Firefox might be a troublesome, time-consuming progress. And a strongly recommended fix is available for a professional uninstall tool, which will help you remove SweetIM and all of its sponsored apps.


  • Click on the Tools menu; select Add-ons entry.
  • Clicking the Extensions tab will open up Firefox’s Add-ons Manager. Find the sweetim below, launch Remove option and uninstall sweetim Community Toolbar from Firefox.
  • 23

  • Select the "Remove the toolbar" option and add "Restore my original search settings?" option to the following "Uninstall Toolbar", press the blue OK button on it.
  • 24

  • You can choose the "Restart now" option.
  • 25

  • Delete the sweetim Customized Web Search in Manage Search Engines… so that you can fully remove sweetim Community Toolbar.
  • 26

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