Can’t remove/uninstall Avs4you Software Navigator?

Unhappy with the conventional options you used to uninstall Avs4you?

Well, there has been a significant amount of unwanted traces after you perform actions to remove Avs4you and/or other foistware via the standard uninstallation progress. Sometimes, you have errors during the uninstall procedure; sometimes, you do not have administrator rights to access the associated repositories. Then, no matter what your uninstall problems, we have the perfect fix for you here: click this link, save and run the smart uninstall tool, which will enable you to cleanly get rid of Avs4you’s products, e.a., the All AVS4YOU® Software in 1 Installation Package, AVS Audio Converter and much more.

Case one: uninstall AVS4YOU

Review: The COMPLETE Procedure of Setup – AVS4YOU Programs Installation

  • "… This will install AVS4YOU Programs Installation 2.3 on your computer. …"
  • uninstall Avs4you - 1

  • "License Agreement. Please read the following important information before continuing. …"
  • uninstall Avs4you - 2

  • "Select Destination Location. Where should AVS4YOU Programs Installation be installed? …" (TIP Copy and paste this C:\Program Files\AVS4YOU path to this recommended uninstaller Pro to entirely uninstall AVS4YOU Package!)
  • 3

  • "Select Components. Which components should be installed? … (Note The "Full Installation" option contains the following items…)"
    • AVS Audio Editor, 7.5 MB
    • AVS Ringtone Maker, 7.5 MB
    • AVS Audio Recorder, 19.8 MB
    • AVS Photo Editor, 7.5 MB
    • AVS Image Converter, 16.4 MB
    • AVS Cover Editor, 23.0 MB
    • AVS Disc Creator, 7.5 MB
    • AVS Document Converter, 13.2 MB


  • "Select Additional Tasks…"
  •  5

  • "… Setup is now ready to begin installing AVS4YOU Programs Installation on your computer. …"
  • 6

  • "… Please wait while Setup installs AVS4YOU Programs Installation on your computer. … C:\Program Files\Common Files\…"
  • 7

  • "Error. C:\Users\TESTER\AppData\Local\Temp\is-8L2AV.tem\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoConverter_light.exe. An error occurred while trying to copy a file: …."
  • 8

    NOTE Then I click Retry and Ignore, not working thus I have to hit Abort on it. I re-download and then re-run AVSInstallPack.exe file to complete the installation.

  • "Completing the AVS4YOU Programs Installation Setup Wizard. …"
  • 9

NOTE Removing the aforementioned AVS programs and Microsoft’s C++ 2005 will completely uninstall AVS4YOU Programs Installation 2.3.

Solution: How do I uninstall Avs4you (Video Converter 8) from Win8?

  • I go to Programs and Features in Control Panel, check the programs list and locate the unwanted AVS Video Converter 8 in it.
    • Publisher: Online Media Technologies Ltd.
    • Product version:
    • Support link: http://www.avs4you[dot]com


  • I launch Uninstall option for Online Media’s video converter; then I click on Yes button on the following AVS Video Converter Uninstall window to automatically uninstall Avs4you Video Converter 8.
  • 11

  • Soon, I click OK, "AVS Video Converter was successfully removed from your computer.".
  • 12

TIP you guys there can also refer to the steps above to uninstall Avs4you’s applications in the programs list.

July 26, 2013 Updated #1: How to uninstall the Avs4you Document Converter 2.2.7 for Windows XP SP3?

  1. Click on the File menu and launch the Exit option.
  2. 1

  3. Then you can choose one of the following 3 methods to uninstall Avs4you Document Converter:
    • METHOD #1: On the start menu, enter the below All Programs entry and then the AVSYOU folder -> run the Uninstall application and then you follow the onscreen instructions to automatically uninstall Avs4you Document Converter.
    • 2

    • METHOD #2: Go to Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs" -> find the below AVS Document Converter 2.2.7 project (11.55MB) and click on the Remove button next to it.
    • 3

    • METHOD #3: If you did not find the AVSYOU, or AVS Document Converter application in the programs list, you go to C:\Program Files, locate and enter the following AVSYOU file folder -> run the Uninstall application -> check the option "AVS Document Converter" and choose the Uninstall option on the following Uninstall wizard to automatically Avs4you Document Converter -> close the "Feedback" webpage and reboot your computer -> Delete the remaining Uninstall app, the empty folder AVSYOU and other leftover items to cleanly uninstall Avs4you’s Document Converter software.
    • 4


Case two: Uninstall Avs4you (Video Editor 6, standalone version)

Review: The process of Setup – AVS Video Editor

  • "Tasks: Install Sample project"
  • 13

  • "Installing additional system components. Please wait…"
  • 14

Solution: How can I uninstall Avs4you (Video Editor 6.3) successfully?

  1. I click Continue button on the Message box below, "Thank you for evaluating AVS4YOU software! …".
  2. 15

  3. I choose the Close option from the following Start Project, "Start your work with AVS Video Editor creating a new project from media files on the hard drive, …"
  4. 16

  5. Then I hit File menu and select the Exit in the list.
  6. 17

  7. Now I have two options to get the job done:
    • Option I: 1) Check Uninstall or change a program and find the following AVS Video Editor 6 (ver6.3.3.235) -> launch Uninstall; follow the onscreen wizards to complete the uninstall progress. 2) Remove the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (V8.0.61001; size, 4.84 MB) to fully uninstall Avs4you Video Editor.
    • 18

    • Option 2: Go to the AVSVideoEditor file folder below -> use your Admin rights to run the unins000 application -> follow the AVS Video Editor Uninstall wizard to perform an incomplete uninstall. I do NOT recommend you remove the "Shared Files" such as the "AVSVideoDxCapture4.dll" below, until you know more information about them or you think you have the ability to fix the potential error(s) in the system and registry. What’s more, Avs4you’s traces would not harm your system, you have another chance to SAFELY and thoroughly uninstall Avs4you‘s Video Editor.
    • 19


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