Can’t Uninstall/Remove WhiteSmoke Toolbar?

Can’t remove WhiteSmoke? Are you prefer to remove that nasty online translator toolbar from root?

The very basic thing you can do to uninstall WhiteSmoke, at the minimum, is (TEMPORARILY) removing it from programs list via the toolbar developer’s uninstaller which may also require the Administrative rights. I believe someday that annoying WhiteSmoke is coming back to you; or I say the remaining preferences won’t let you reset the "Search Providers" and other associated aspects concerning of a clean removal of WhiteSmoke. Moreover, if, you too are unable to follow the steps below, you try this ultimate fix from WindowsUninstaller.Org: this smart uninstaller Pro can permanently get rid of WhiteSmoke on your computer. Now, I would explain in details as how to manually remove WhiteSmoke on my Windows 8 system.

How did you "invite" the Whitesmoke translator virus to your computer?

Note Wisely removing Whitesmoke depends on the way you installed it on your machine. Well, my only recommendation would be to use our uninstall Pro here to remove Whitesmoke without delay!

Installation Option 1

  • Item: WhiteSmoke™ 2012 Trial Version.
    • "Please read the following license Agreement. Click Next to Accept."

    Remove WhiteSmoke -1

  • Item: "Install WhiteSmoke Smartbar"
    • "Install the WhiteSmoke in IE, Firefox & Chrome."
    • "Make the WhiteSmoke web search my default search engine in IE, Firefox & Chrome."
    • "… my home page in IE, Firefox & Chrome."
    • "… my search provider within a new tab in IE, Firefox & Chrome."

    Remove WhiteSmoke -2

  • "Please wait while the installer wizard downloads and optimizes the necessary packages. …"
  • 3

  • "… In order to activate your trial license, enter your email address below. …"
  • 4

  • (I got a message from WhiteSmoke then, ""Number of downloads for free trial version exceeded." It is weird!)
  •  WhiteSmoke -5

  • (Then WhiteSmoke says "Are you sure you want to close the WhiteSmoke registration?" I simply hit Yes on it.)
  • 6

  • (WhiteSmoke distributes RegClean Pro!)
  • 31

Or… you installed WhiteSmoke this way. (See the Installation Option 2 below)

  • "Get the official White Smoke Community Toolbar and Value Apps for IE, Firefox®, and Chrome™ Learn More."
  • "Full Installation (recommended): Install the Toolbar including Value Apps (recommended). … Set my default search and home page to Conduit Search, and install Search Protect."


Then, WhiteSmoke said " … This trial software contains WhiteSmoke ads. …"


Meanwhile, both my Firefox and IE 10 opened. Then the WhiteSmoke created a pop up alert, "How To Use WhiteSmoke 2012 Trial Version! …". I click the small Close button on that message.


Then, I have to close the following "Follow us on Facebook" window, "Click Like to follow WhiteSmoke on Facebook …".


Then I close the "WhiteSmoke | Thank You For Downloading" page – you may have wrongly installed the following "White New 10.14.380.14" addon to your Firefox!


Finally, I have the following changed Firefox browser.


Similarly, My IE 10 has been modified as following screenshot.


What do I recommend and why?

My advice is to fully remove WhiteSmoke and all of its sponsored programs above; keep them away from your PC, cuz WhiteSmoke has been classified as MALWARE! See the details below.

  • Item: WhiteSmokeInstaller__714_il557
  • Type of file: Application (.exe)
  • Description: Installer
  • Size: 144 KB (148,392 bytes)
  • Size on disk: 148 KB (151,552 bytes)
  • Digital Signatures: Yes
  • File version:
  • Copyright: (c) Amonetize ltd., 2012. All rights reserved.
  • Original filename: Launcher.exe
  • MD5: 73f6d222a0998741f3913eed8001f94c
  • Detection ratio: 3 / 46 (DrWeb: Adware.Downware.646; ESET-NOD32: a variant of Win32/Amonetize.B; TheHacker: Posible_Worm32)



How can I manually remove WhiteSmoke on my machine?

NOTE For most Windows end-users who are new to such riskware, you probably cannot get rid of WhiteSmoke and its bundled applications on your computer, then you may skip the advanced user’s guide below and use this perfect uninstaller to cleanly remove WhiteSmoke.

  1. I use Task Manager to forcibly shut down all the aforementioned instances of Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer.
  2. Then I go "Show hidden icons" in Taskbar, I find the running WhiteSmoke application and then I right click on it, I run the option "Shutdown WhiteSmoke" on the menu.
  3. 14

  4. Then, WhiteSmoke tells me that "Closing WhiteSmoke Control panel will disable WhiteSmoke Enrichment! … Load WhiteSmoke on startup (What the hell…., well, if so, WhiteSmoke will run while your system starts!)". To quickly remove WhiteSmoke (At least, I wish so), I disable that option and click OK.
  5. 15

  6. Afterwards, I direct open up Control Panel and press Uninstall a program in it.
  7. Then I detect all the associated programs in the list of "Uninstall or change a program". In other words, I have to remove the below unwanted apps so that I can FULLY remove WhiteSmoke:
    • Search Protect by conduit (Publisher, Conduit; Product version:
    • Software Version Updater (Product version,
    • WhiteSmoke (Product version: 1.00.6034.113130; Support link, http://www.WhiteSmoke[dot]com; Help link, http://www.WhiteSm…)
    • WhiteSmoke New Toolbar (Publisher, WhiteSmoke New; Product version,; Support link, http://www.WhiteSmokeNew.OurToolbar[dot]com; Help link: http://WhiteSmokeNe…)


  8. I first remove WhiteSmoke via Windows’ Uninstall/Change option.
  9. 19

  10. The "WhiteSmoke Uninstall" below informs me that "… Remove folder: C:\Program Files\WhiteSmoke\".
  11. 20

  12. Then I press the Close button on that window above. Here’s another tip you can use to force remove WhiteSmoke: you add WhiteSmoke’s installation folder above to this professional uninstaller; then the uninstall tool will enable you to forcibly remove WhiteSmoke even though you don’t have authorization.
  13. 21

  14. To fully remove WhiteSmoke, I need to proceed with the express uninstall of WhiteSmoke New Toolbar: I locate it and launch the Uninstall/Change option for it; then I ignore the option "Keep current browser setting" and then I click Yes on the following Toolbar Uninstall wizard, "Are you sure you want to uninstall WhiteSmoke New Community Toolbar?".
  15. 22

  16. Soon, my IE 10 runs and visits the following "Thank you for trying the W…" page (URL, http://whitesmokenew.ourtoolbar[dot]com/Uninstall/?toolbarid=CT3289847&version=; I directly close it this time.
  17. 23

  18. Then I remove the unwanted (Amonetize’s) Software Version Updater so that I can completely remove WhiteSmoke: I highlight it and launch Uninstall for the updater application.
  19. 24

  20. I choose the option Yes from the Updater window below, "Uninstall Software Version Updater?".
  21.  WhiteSmoke -25

  22. To entirely remove WhiteSmoke, I continue use the listing Uninstall/Change option to remove the remaining Search Protect by conduit. Soon, it is deleted without a notification!
  23. 26

  24. Now, it’s time to check and restore my web browser…
    • I run my Internet Explorer 10, then I go to Search Providers section.
    • Then I make Bing default engine and then I remove the WhiteSmoke New Customized Web Search that get left in it.
    • 27

  25. To cleanly remove WhiteSmoke, then I need to get rid of its left over files and registry keys; and other items by the uninstalled programs I mentioned above.
  26. 28


Again, I’d kindly recommend the below uninstaller software Pro to you when you got error message during the uninstall process, when any of the aforementioned PUA won’t uninstall from your Windows programs list, or when you just do have no confidence in the standard Windows Uninstall utility: that smart uninstaller program will help you permanently remove WhiteSmoke, remove its sponsored apps and clean up all of those related dross left behind in Windows filesystem and Registry Editor!

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