How to Uninstall Avira Antivirus Pro 2011/2010 Completely?

You’ve tried removing Avira Antivirus Pro but the uninstall process errored out? Windows Installer stuck on configuring your unwanted/ expired Avira Antivirus Pro?

According to our test results, both Windows 8/ 7/ Vista’ "Uninstall a program" applet and XP’s "Add or Remove" completed the procedure to uninstall Avira Antivirus Pro from the programs list within few minutes. Continue reading

Uninstall Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Bitdefender’s uncaring customer support pushed you to delete Bitdefender Windows 8 Security? You picked up an undesired app on your PC?

Whatever the reason you wish to delete Bitdefender Windows 8 Security or clean the programs list, this is the fix for you. Because this page contains all in one solution for all other PUPs (read: "Potentially Unwanted Programs"), effectively and thoroughly. Continue reading

Remove Yandex Community Toolbar (Yandex Toolbar)

Trouble uninstalling Yandex Community Toolbar, Yandex Elements, and/or other hijackware gangs?

One of the most annoying issues newbies face involves managing installed apps using a Windows PC called "selectable buttons", according to Webopedia Computer Dictionary. Here at, we’re so confident your PC will re-reach its peak, we are offering you the world’s #1 program uninstaller – your extra weapon to fighting against crapware. For experienced readers, just follow this latest troubleshooting content available and manually remove Yandex Community Toolbar and/or any other completely annoying redirections/ PUAs.

Continue reading

How Do I Remove Inbox Toolbar malware in Firefox

Inbox Toolbar? Toolbar (5.1/ InboxAce Toolbar? Or InboxDollars® Toolbar?

Do you really dare to let the mentioned hijackware to have access to your personal computer? What to expect from browser viruses even junkware downloader? Feature your Internet experience? Well, I could only image their main intention to destroy your browser configurations (homepage, search engine provider), programs list and spy your privacy, thus you had better remove Inbox Toolbar for security. Continue reading

How to Uninstall Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO

How can you guys remove Ubisoft ANNO 2070 DEMO and deal with other nasty installations like a pro?

Behind every failed un-installation there’s a lot of unnecessary items or must-have yet missing configuration file(s). today released a one-stop complete article that can simplify over the potentially complex uninstallation process, as our time is precious. Continue reading

How to Uninstall MixPad Audio Mixer

Essemtials: Installed so-called NCH Internet Browser Toolbar (NCH Software Toolbar)? How to uninstall MixPad Audio Mixer completely?

What to do if you’re a victim of foistware after you installed unwanted extras? With bundleware and drive-by downloads up, lots of innocent Internet users are resorting frequently to the mentioned PUPs as an aggressive plus illegal way to increase market share, steal & share your local credentials and Web activities. Continue reading

How to Uninstall Slender game/man/the 8 pages

You’ve been Googling so long for an effective method to remove Slender (aka, Slender: The Eight Pages)? But all you got were not the right solution to the annoying software issue?

You too wish to delete Slender and/or other horror video games (Slender: The Arrival? Or Slender’s Woods?) from Parsec Productions? There’s usually something behind such installation/ uninstallation issues. Continue reading

Remove/Uninstall Pokki from Taskbar/Windows 8.1

So are you going to forcefully uninstall Pokki for your Windows 8.1 operating system? What made you change your mind then?

Firstly, Pokki. It made a bad first impression, although it is popular. Just because we team last tested the official app-style product (MD5, 5add99ada049e74036952dfde56ebb31) from SweetLabs on 31 May 2014 with 53 top-rated security software, Continue reading