Safely, Correctly, Completely Uninstall Rising Antivirus


As a security software, Rising Antivirus protects your computer against types of threats including viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and other malicious programs. Combined with patented scan for unknown virus, active defense and cleaning technologies, it provides users with a safe computer-operating station. (Click links below to directly reach your destination if you want to skip the details.) Continue reading

How Can I Remove BestAdBlocker – Removal Tutorials


Visiting this page, you must be searching solutions to remove BestAdBlocker. I am writing this instruction because you are not alone in such dilemma.

Every computer user faces the same problem that unwelcome programs keep trying to get in their systems. The most typical way of the invasion is to bundle them in an installer of other freeware. From the beginning, this kind of programs have been seeking for security vulnerability of your PC to make a profit. No matter whether it is actually a virus or not, it does bother the user in several ways. Continue reading

Learn This to Easily Uninstall MyWinLocker


“I have tried to uninstall MyWinLocker a few days ago and I just discovered it is still there. The install wizard appeared and I was not given the option to uninstall. It says to check what you want to install and uncheck what you do not want installed, so I didn’t check anything. At that time I got a notice saying it may not have correctly removed the program and was clueless about this situation. What to do now?” Continue reading

How to Uninstall Managed Antivirus – Take A Little Time to Learn


Removal seems to be a very easy process to go, but sometimes when you are actually doing it, you may find it puzzles you somehow. This situation often happens on antivirus software and some other stubborn programs, Managed Antivirus is one of them, according to people’s complaints on the Internet. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to correctly uninstall Managed Antivirus today.

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How to Uninstall BlueStacks Notification Center without Troubles?


BlueStacks App Player allows users run apps from their mobile phones fast and fullscreen on Windows OS. We can say BlueStacks is one of the best emulators for running Android apps on your computer. One thing distinguishing it from others is its free to use. However, with the growing popularity, there are some issues associated with the program. The main problem that almost every user is facing and complaining is about getting errors when they are trying to re-install or uninstall BlueStacks Notification Center.

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What to Do to Fully Remove IObit Uninstaller?


How to remove IObit Uninstaller? This is one of the most popular questions online. We have learned that some users are complaining no version of the program has an option in the user interface and anywhere on the computer to complete the removal process, but it is still running in the background. “I could easily say more about what I believe this means in terms of the respect that a company has for its customers, and its possible intentions toward said customers, but I digress.” Said a user.

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How Can I Remove YTDownloader – Get Rid of YTDownloader


“I just accidentally installed a program called “YTDownloader”, and I found it is slowing down my machine. I tried to remove YTDownloader via Control Panel, however, the result was that a virus/threat was detected by my antivirus software during the process. I tried CCleaner, it came up with same things that the CP did. So I guessed I need to destroy the files related to the program, but I have no idea how to do that.”

We saw that some users are in stress about trying to remove YTDownloader, which disturbs their daily work that need to be completed on computers. It might be known to you as an application that allows you to easily download videos from YouTube and other similar sites. Although this sound like a useful utility, the program can be intrusive, displaying pop-up ads you may not want to see. Continue reading

How to Completely Remove Rockstar Games Social Club?


Some users posted on the Internet that when they tried to remove Rockstar Games Social Club, it said: “An error has occurred (a bunch of scrambled words), if this problem still consists, please contact the program vendor Rockstar.” Then no matter how many times they tried, the problem was still there.

RGSC is a free application developed by Rockstar that provides easy way for users to watch player-made video of their games online and certain different features based on the type of game. It allows users to find tracks created by the community. When they find a track they like, they can immediately mark it as a favorite, then rate it and download it. Continue reading

How to Uninstall OkayFreedom – OkayFreedom Removal Guides


OkayFreedom is an application designed by Steganos GmbH, providing secure access to websites blocked in your area, so that you can use all of your favorite websites when you are abroad. At the same time, your privacy will be protected on the Internet through anonymously browsing the web pages. It is the right choice when you don’t want your surfing traces to be followed by someone.

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