How to Uninstall PaintTool SAI?

Wanna cleanly remove PaintTool SAI? Sick of dodgy, endless pop-ups? How the installation of modified installer could transfer a massive impact onto Windows?

Well, we’ve read a lot about junkware attack. These days, almost every Internet starter is quick to perform 3rd-party installation that may contain unrelated offers. Protecting your PC from PUPs sounds like a small challenge. Read up and see how downware problem can be very apparent to some careless users. This is an annoying trend that can upset inexperienced end-users. Meantime, customized installer is known as one of top threats in greyware. Nevertheless, that’d be a thing of the past. team keep things simple:

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Completely remove Shareaza toolbar/ search engine

Shareaza Installation review: it’s more than a browser killer?

Let’s face it, the original ShareazaSetup-r0-n-bf.exe (MD5, fee4478496c89b03cc4d3c707fa2bf7b; distributed by Bandoo Media Inc.) had several bundleware only malware experts could love:

  • "Welcome to Shareaza! … Requires installation of Music App by Ask (FKA, Shareaza toolbar)."
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Remove Brothersoft Toolbar from Firefox/Chrome

Beyond a "Computer Death Site": and/or its downloads could contain sponsored threats to Windows starters! could be your PC’s NIGHTMARE as it is covered in unknown even harmful partners. Wanna effortlessly uninstall Brothersoft Toolbar? We malware experts would first recommend using our next-generation program uninstaller. If you want to accomplish Brothersoft Toolbar removal manually, you can do so by watching our video tutorial below. Continue reading

How to remove FreezbGames toolbar?

Contrary to what claimed, it’s better to uninstall FreezbGames toolbar, and avoid all products from ClientConnect LTD (previously known as Conduit Ltd):

  • many Windows end users complains the install of conduit toolbar affected their ability to surf properly, while more innocent victims contacted IT due to related foistware problems in the past year alone.
  • I have just put together TWO samples below around so-called FreezbGames toolbar. If you need anything further, please go to our Help Desk to contact our consumer support centre.

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Uninstall Quick Heal Total Security 2014/2013

How can you remove Quick Heal Total Security 2014 if you have already direct deleted its original installation? You are using some top-ranked security solution, still running a slow PC, or getting lots of unreliable plus malicious software?

This page is a COMPLETE tutorial provided for those trying to delete Quick Heal Total Security 2014. Plus, this how-to can also walk you through the Quick Heal Internet Security (2014) removal. Additionally, we’ve outlined must know information so you can secure your vital stuff from Internet nuisances.

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Can’t delete/uninstall PeerBlock history in Win7?

Issue with Microsoft Windows 7 is that "Uninstall a program" is unable to help remove PeerBlock?

According to Mark Side’s response to the aforementioned "(PeerBlock) uninstall was not successful" issue, there are additional downloads for the "Stable Release" and the "Beta Release". The latter of two alternatives are for users who want to run PeerBlock with an default uninstaller. This means you should be able to delete PeerBlock via Windows’ "Add or Remove Programs" (XP), "Uninstall a program" (Windows 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista) or its own deinstaller. Continue reading

Uninstall Avira Ultimate Protection Suite 2014

Running a high-jacked Mozilla Firefox and/or Internet Explorer? Searching for a complete solution?

You’ve come to the right place: in this article, we PUP experts will list out the official system requirements for Avira Ultimate Protection Suite (2014) and teach you how to fully remove this Avira 2014 toolset from your computer. We only recommend the removal steps to more-experienced readers who do want to manually delete Avira Ultimate Protection Suite. Continue reading