How to Completely Remove Rockstar Games Social Club?


Some users posted on the Internet that when they tried to remove Rockstar Games Social Club, it said: “An error has occurred (a bunch of scrambled words), if this problem still consists, please contact the program vendor Rockstar.” Then no matter how many times they tried, the problem was still there.

RGSC is a free application developed by Rockstar that provides easy way for users to watch player-made video of their games online and certain different features based on the type of game. It allows users to find tracks created by the community. When they find a track they like, they can immediately mark it as a favorite, then rate it and download it. Continue reading

How to Uninstall OkayFreedom – OkayFreedom Removal Guides


OkayFreedom is an application designed by Steganos GmbH, providing secure access to websites blocked in your area, so that you can use all of your favorite websites when you are abroad. At the same time, your privacy will be protected on the Internet through anonymously browsing the web pages. It is the right choice when you don’t want your surfing traces to be followed by someone.

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Fast Solution to Remove Hotspot Shield 3.42


Want to remove Hotspot Shield 3.42? Before doing so you might want to learn a few things about it, then you know better whether you need to uninstall it and where to start the cleaning.

It is an application providing users with convenience to visit some safe websites that are blocked in some areas, such as BBC, Youtube, Netflix, and HBO GO. It can also protect your data on multiple devices and let you privately browse web pages without being monitored, censored or tracked through your IP address. It’s definitely a practical tool to enrich your web browsing experience. Continue reading

How to Remove Nitro Pro 9 within Minutes


Nitro Pro 9 is a program that provides simple operations for users to convert, edit, sign, review and protect their PDF files. With this, business teams can work more easily and efficiently. If you need to get this tool, it’s highly recommended to download it from the official website, or you would probably get other bundled unwanted programs.

However, if you got Nitro Pro 9 by installing another, because they are bundled together in an installer, and don’t know how to safely remove Nitro Pro 9 without leaving any leftovers, you need to rectify the solution and move forward, and here is your chance to learn. Continue reading

How to Completely Remove SlimCleaner Plus – Removal Guide


SlimCleaner is a computer optimization tool that helps you clean and optimize your PC with a crowd-sourced approach. But if someday you don’t think it’s still needed anymore, you can simply uninstall it.

Users installed SlimCleaner Plus (Slim Ware Utilities, Inc,) to speed up their computers. Then some of them found it was probably a mistake, so they attempted to remove SlimCleaner Plus from their system. And the following message showed up with an orange alert background saying: Continue reading

Farewell, 2014… Goodby A.T. …

Finally… we have to say "Bye" to 2014. And finally I am going to give a great big thank you to people who have made significant contributions to our startup, when server went down, especially Yoodas. Remember, has quite a few unique insights and solutions, so we’d love to be able to keep your digital stuff safe from Internet grayware, semi-malware & other unauthorized attacks.

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